Deathly Hallows
Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter 7 Part 1

Well, just back from playing Maple Story :D Yes, i got the account back :D Hahah, Dual Balderrr!
Okay, so, about yesterday, went to visit CSH. Met Yuting at MRT station. Sheryl said she would be late. So, we went off to meet Celine and Ruiyi at bus stop outside CSH. Then went in. Were stopped by the guard cause Yuting and i wore slippers which were not allowed. However, he let in on the condition not to walk around CCPS. Then got the pass and went to CSH to Mrs Teo's class to surprise them :) Then went straight into small room to work on the present for Mrs Teo. Then juniors came in then blah blah. We had problem with Sheryl. She still was not arrived and because of her, we cant complete the present. She needed to write. Then 12pm, she still didnt arrived. Then i video-called her and saw that she was at someone's house (?) We were not very sure. Then she disconnected. Then Celine and Yuting tried to call and sms respectively. We also had to ask her for the message for Mrs Teo and wrote in my handwrting. Her own signature was the one missing but we didnt care. After we had failed to get where she was, we decided to do something. Something is to call her mother. Yes, luckily, we got her number. Contacted her and asked her where she was. Told her something too. Sheryl has changed. Tsk. Then when it's nearly 1.30pm, we decided to give the present, which is teacher's report book (as i mentioned before), to her. Haha, she reacted like surprised? I don't know lah. Then heard that Mrs Teo was going to bring P6 pupils to movie to watch Harry Potter 7. Ruiyi wanted to go and she got her mother's permission to go. I wanted to go but i had no money to buy tickets. Mrs Teo said she treated me and i decided to go :D Yuting still don't know then in the end, she decided not to go. Well, Celine, Ruiyi and i had to go to Toa Payoh by ourselves as the rest went by Mrs Teo's car. We reached there and were told that the movie would start at 3pm. Bought tickets. Mrs Teo paid for mine and Ruiyi's :D BIG thank to her so muchhhh :D Then, went to find KFC to eat lunch but it was raining. So, we went to nearby. Teacher treated all of us. :) I went on Wifi-ing! Heheh. Then ate chicken, shared with Ruiyi. When it was three, we packed the chickens and brought them in cinemas :P They checked my bag with chickens but they still allow me to go in. HAHA :P Went to find our seats. Sat between Celine and Wen Lin. There were 13 of us, wow.Then movie started at 3.10pm. Watched and ate popcorn which was bought by Celine. Yeah, at the end of the movie at 5plus, the movie is okay-dokey, man. The ending was like that Voldmert (?) shooting lighting with the wand. Part Two next year, yeah. Maybe gonna watch it but i have to watch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6! However, the can't-wait movie, to me, is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn PART 1! I cant wait for it to be released in November 2011. One year moreee! :D Okay, back to the topic, after movie, bid goodbyes to Mrs Teo and the P6 pupils and went to MRT station with Celine and Ruiyi. Then reached home at 6.30pm. Oh well, i better stop nowww. Cause i have been using computer for whole day already. See ya!!


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