CCA Chalet chalet
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So, well, yesterday, went for CCA chalet :D Had fun there. Well, went to Pasir Ris MRT station and met Yuting, Xinyi and Wendy. Sheryl had not arrived yet. Then waited then saw the shuttle bus that goes to Aloha Resort, came. We went for it. Hannah and Grace were there. Took the bus to Aloha there and alighted. It was raining hard. We waited then Hannah told us the way to our chalet number 13. Shared umbrella with Xinyi while Yuting with Wendy. Xinyi and i went to look for 13 and it was far! Then finally found it and went into the shelter and waited for others to come as we arrived first and early. Then saw a car came in our way. It was Nicole's mother's car, with Hannah, Grace and Nicole inside. Then we all went inside into the living room and waited for others to arrive. Blahblahblah, finally, Sheryl came two hours later. She was like ignoring Yuting and i, and went to talk to Wendy privately. Then we pressed her for why she didnt come on that day. She said it was last minute thing. Whatever. Then, we chatted and watched television. When everyone had arrived, including the seniors, we played game. Damn dont want to explain the game. Bored. Then so on, till 5plus or 6plus(?) Lost track of time. When we played the song game. Halfway only then BBQ time. But not outside cause of the rain. We use the 'high-tech' BBQ inside. Hahah. We smelled, and were hungry. Then ate chicken first. Waited for hotdog then ate. When it was 7plus, we watched 'Love' drama while walking up and down for the food. After 'Love' Drama, most went into the on bedroom. Only five of us, Yuting, Sheryl, Wendy, Xinyi and i were still in living room, watching 8pm show on channel 8. We were like taking chair and sat in front like nobody's business. Like we were kids :D Then Ms Chia asked us who want fried rice then Yuting and Sheryl went to get some. I was damn full. Then 8.20pm, people were blocking our view and playing in front of us. The show was a sad one. Then when advertisement already and it was 8.30pm, Xinyi and i went to toilet first then told Ms Chia that we were going off. Got ice-cream, but not brownie :( Then left the chalet. Ate ice-cream on the way to the office there and saw the bus came already, then ate whole ice-cream and got on. Luckily, we got on earlier or else no seats for us like those seniors came late and cant take bus. Finally, went to MRT station then went to Bedok and went home. So, yeah, showing one photo here ;P -
When we were in living room, watching television, just five of us :D


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