What the bad?
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yesterday, checked the exam scripts. Very veryyy bad, y'know :( Got 1 A2, 2 C5s and 3 C6s. BAD, right? And i almost failed English which i got place second LAST. The A2 i got was Math. Sian, would have gotten A1, had not been for stupid careless mistakes i made. 12 marks gone! Maybe more than that. Tsktsk, too late... :( Oh yes, yesterday night, went to concert hall by school at NUS. Damn boring sia! I saw in the first row and i couldn't sleep in front of those musicians when i almost fell asleep. Zzzz, so tiring man! Anyway, holiday is starting next week, yay! School activities were bored and are gonna be bored till holiday starts. Holiday is gonna be more boring. Umm, nothing else to blog about. CCA today was...nothing ._. HEHE.
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