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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yo, currently blogging in NP. It's second day! HAHHA :D Instructor is asking us to create Blogger but i already have it so im blogging now. Well, this course is fun and i never regret signing up for it :) Yesterday, went home late at 8plus. Wanna know why?
That's because took the bus to the WRONG WAY. Was supposed to drop off at Clementi MRT Station but was tired and i thought the bus would go all the way to Aljunied. That's what Keren saidThen we realised we were going to Jurong. Then we quickly dropped off on the way. We also happened to be nearby KFC and went to eat there but i did not eat as i was broke. Four of us, FYI. One senior of us who is Keren's friend. She's nice :) After KFC, waited for bus so long then finally came and took it to go back to Clementi MRT Station. Then we took MRT. After about like 40 minutes, i reached Bedok like finally. During the MRT trip, Keren was really bored and played the childhood games with me. She remembered, wow. Then went home like finally.

Okay, got to go now. And i have to create another blog for this workshop. Tsk. Why? Yesterday was Youtube, need to upload. Today - Flickr, need to upload pictures. Then Mindmeister, need to create like a mindmap. Then blogger! Whatever, im freezing now. Bye!

*forgot to add: Had in-line skating for post-activites in school!


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