Finally Friday
Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello, it's night now! Im blogging now at this time as i have something to blog about! :D So, i have only been at camp for like 14 hours. From 7pm yesterday to 9am this morning. Had fun, with Yuting, Sheryl, Claira, Wendy and Vanessa. Of course, plus Claira's DSLR! Too bad, im not in most of the photos they took in the afternoon when i was at NP. Today, after camp, went home, wait, returned sleeping bag to Ruiyi before going home. Then my mother told me that my father would fetch me to NP and i was relieved cause i did not want to stand in MRT all the way to Clementi. Then father rode me there and on the way, he did not know where is it and went one round then finally went straight and NP. Reached at 12.30pm leh, so early. Luckily, saw one girl, Valencia, who also attend programme, came then i went to join her and ask to go library to buy bubble tea. Went there and bought it. Forgot to ask for no pearl as i got sore throat. Then went to ICT building there and Angela (Valencia's classmate) came. Well, shall skip this till dismissal time part. When it was 4.30pm, we stopped using comps then went around the building for 'exploring', leaded by teacher (Again, it's him who took over the instructor's place) Then went to Makan Place and he treated us biscuit from Subway :) Nice uh! Then asked Pricilla whether can follow her to go home then she said okay. Aww, you know what? I really like her as friend :] Then went to bus stop. On the way, Karen pissed me off and i shouted at her. Regret it :( Anyway, went to bus stop faster than them then took 74 to Dover station. Sat with Angela and were talking about Kpop :) Getting along, yay. Then took MRT all the way to Bedok, damn tired lah. Father was supposed to fetch me but in the east, it was raining hard. Angela dropped off at Outram Park to change MRT, boreddd.. HAHA, anyway, went home, that's all. I HATE PEAK HOUR. :( Holiday has started yesterday already and my mother did not know that until i told her today. AHAH. Been having sleepless night for past few days and i think im falling sick. Well, got to take care of myself because it's Friday like finally. Able to sleep for long tomorrow.

Am i exaggerating here? Gonna watch Playful Kiss Episode 13 tonight! :D


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