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Friday, September 10, 2010

Yesterday, went to school at 10plus to meet Yuting as she finished her individual bal prog. Then met Sheryl and Wendy. Wendy's turn to go and Sheryl just done hers after Yuting's. So, Yuting, Sheryl and i went to McDonald near my house there. Then around 11plus, we took bus back to school and we were late for group session. We apologised to those who were waiting for us. Then we had group session till 11.45am and i rushed to go bus stop in case the bus came. Then took bus home and saw that my cousin and mei still had not gone out yet (mei smsed me that they went out already -.-) Then i rushed to change then went out with them to Tampines. MRT-ed there and went to Tampines Mall to go Golden Village. Went to buy tickets to watch Vampires Suck. However, underage could not watch so did not buy. Why! :( Then, went to Century Square to go Shaw there. Cousin went to buy but the person asked, "All adults?" Then she admitted that not all adults, then did not buy. Why, again! :( Then, forget it. Did not watch any movies. Brought them to Tampines 1 to take a look at frolicks. Then saw that it's expensive. So, went back to Tampines Mall to go Swensens for lunch :)) Mummy was coming too :D Then, went to take a table for four. Then choose and ordered the food while waiting for my mother to come. I oredered Chicken Baked Rice and mei ordered Fish Baked Rice. For my cousin, i don't know what was that. Food was served first for cousin then mei and i. Mummy came and she ordered Chicken-something. BIG drumstick! Then ate it till finish. When finished, cousin asked to serve the desert. Desert was Regular Earthquake! Meaning ice-creams, duhh :)) With i-don't-know-how-many scoops. Took pictures of it. Then ate it. Till cousin, mother and mei were cold and full. I still ate it and melted it. I drank it from the straw then could not finish abit more cause full already. Felt a little cold then. We were so full then we settles the bill. Zomg, so expensive. Then went to Popular to buy things then went up to Timezone to check the amount of money in my card. 30 cents left -.- Then went to that 'pink' shop to play grab machine. Mei lor, she lovessss to grab toys. Anyway, after that, went to one shop that got accessories. We played with sunglasses. My cousin bought herself a spec, no degree one. Then, after that, went another shop then went out of Tamp Mall to go Old Chang Kee to buy foods then went Tamp 1 to walk around. After that, went to MRT station to go Bedok. Then reached Bedok and went home at 6. So, yeah. School's reopening soon :(!


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