It's awesome September :D
Saturday, September 4, 2010

September has arrived 3 days ago. Im gonna blog about these past three days :)

First of September which was on Wednesday and there was no school, yay. Teachers' Day, yeah. So, went out to Pasir Ris with mummy and mei for the replacement of my ezlink card. Firstly, went to 7-eleven at Pasir Ris MRT station to buy something then went to that interchange for the card. Then renewed. After that, went to Old Chang Kee to buy food. Bought Cheese Hotdogs! Then went to White Sands shopping mall to look around. Saw library and i went right in. And i finally found what i could not find for past few months! They are the Summer Confidential's 'Sunset' and 'Twilight'! Then went to borrow then left library. Went to Popular and i told mum that i forgot to bring my popular card. She was like why never bring? I forgot mah. Heh, so, went inside and i went to best seller section and saw 'The second short life of Bree Tanner' by Stephenie Meyer, the author of 'Twilight Saga'. Woah, saw the promotion and showed it to mum that i want to read. She said expensive but i said got promotion then she said she's buying it for my birthday present in advance. I was like YAY and thanked her! She also said better buy it before promotion ends. Then mei was looking around for a set of colours pen with specific brand. However, we could not find it. Went to purchase my newly storybook and correction tape refill. Hmm, not gonna read it until after EOY. Left Popular then went to MRT station to train to Tampines. Reached Tampined then went to Tampines Mall to go popular to find something then found it. It was expensive but my mother went to borrow someone's popular card and got discount :P After that, went to Bread Talk to buy breads. Then, went outside and wanted to go Tampines 1 to try out frolick. However, my mother saw food court that we had never been to before and we inside. Mei and mother ate dinner there. I ate my fruit tart that bought from Bread Talk. After eating, went back to MRT station instead of Tampines 1 :( No chance to try frolick. Trained to Bedok and took bus and reached home at around 7plus.

2nd September, Thursday -
School as usual but i left earlier at 11.45am to go for finals at ITE West. Went to Art Room first and Ms Chia gave us food from Teachers' Day present the students gave to her. HEHE, got cupcakes :D Anyway, she drove Casandra, Xinyi and i to there. When reached there, we went to 'ShopNSave' and Ms Chia bought us drinks. Then went up to 6th level to we set up booth. And i saw Xue Hui whom i have not seen after i don't know how many years. Wow, she also took part in that competition. Then blah blah, we were like sitting around and talked and were nervous as the judges got nearer and nearer. Then judges there, at our booth. I messed abit up, walao. But it was okay, to them, i think? Then, finally, we were done with it. The judges went to another booth till the last one then refreshment's time. Went up to reception and i took what seemed like a lot. Like two each. After eating, i was really full. Im growing fatter :( Then, we went to our booth to pack up. Went inside the whatever hall, i think. We sat in third row. The judges talked then blah blah then finally, to announce the winners. We were feeling tense or maybe it was just me. Casandra kept reminding Xinyi and i to smile but it would hurt. Anyway, my group did not win any :( At least, we got into top 26 for the final. Casandra said we would try next year again. Must have focus on the theme. Anyway, Ms Chia drove me home first before Xinyi and Casandra. Reached home and saw that Ryan had come with his mother and little brother. Well, nothing much later that night.

Yesterday, Friday. Last day of Term 3 and lessons were as usual. After school, went home then went out to field to jog for few minute then went home and did homework. Did not take bath. Yuting and Sheryl went to Tampines. Wendy stayed in school to do ecareer thingy. Anyway, prepared then went to Bedok Center to meet my mum and eat lunch. I mean only me ate cause she had eaten already. Bought chicken rice from my favourite stall at hawker center then ate it. After eating, my cousin came to meet us then 4.15pm, i went off to take 17 to go back to school for career fair. Met Wendy when i was inside. Yuting and Sheryl had not arrived. Then asked Wendy to accompany me to my classroom to take something. After that, went to take career booklet. Met Ruiyi and we two went to the booths. I first went to Temasek Poly and asked questions and got stamp. Then met Yuting and Sheryl. Well, shall not elaborate what was next. I visited Temasak, Ngee Ann, Nanyang, Singapore Polys and NAFA (Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts). I took loads of books of courses from all except Singapore Poly. There are Republic Poly and Iasalle too. After those, Yuting, Sheryl, Wendy and i sat at one place and completed the booklet. When it was 6plus, went up to the hall without Yuting as she went to classroom. We sat together and none of our parents were coming. Then when ready, the HODs talked about the subjects for next year. Then blah blah blah, Sheryl recorded the talks for her mother. HAHA. When it was 7plus, I decided to go MPR Room for session 1 which was Nanyang Poly with Sheryl and Wendy. Went there and i saw someone from our CCA last year and she's in Nanyang Poly. She recongised me, i was surprised. I know her but i do not know her name and don't talk to her much. Or was it i forget that i talked to her before? HAH. Anyway, the talk was not quite boring. When it was over, we were late for session 2 which was Ngee Ann Poly at AV Theatrette. Was surprised that alot of people attended it. After session 2 at around 9plus, we could go home then we left the place and went home. Reached home at 10.15pm. Took bath without washing hair, then slept at 11plus.

Today is boring, September holiday had started. Soon, Term 4 will begin next week. Wow, time flies very quickly than i expected. End-of-Year Exams in few weeks' time! And, oh, i woke up at 11.15am this late morning. How awesome was that? :) Slept for 12 hours, must be really tired. Anyway, stop here!

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