Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today is the day. The day when im turning a year older. How time flies. So, right now, it's only 1plus in the afternoon, of course duh. Using computer, yeah. Was supposed to go library to meet Wendy because i forgot to meet her yesterday near my flat, but she was not free. What a forgetful girl am i. Anyway, im happy to see all those wishes on my Facebook Wall and i know it's common for people to post on one's wall on his/her birthday but yeah. SMSes too. A few, yepm but worth. Pricilla especially, wished me three time a day. SMS, Twitter and Facebook! Wow to her! Yuting is not like her, damn lor. HAHAHA. I think i am gonna eat at Japanese restaurant at Bedok Central near library there one, with my family. Will update again! In this post, maybe?

Updated @ night, 8.45pm
So, just now, went to Japanese restaurant for dinner with my family. The portion was BIG that can make me so full! Before that, went to library but did not borrow any books as there were not there. Mei borrowed some like finally lah. HEH. So, after dinner, bought cake. Chessecake :) Just celebrated it not so long ago. Anyway, tomorrow school! Arghh, few more days to EXAMS. Need to concentrate already! Yes, i must! Goodnight!

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Renee soh (:: hello(: tagged, i also have a blog too(: I have linked you too(: Pass me ur email address..
Hello, thank for the tag! Email - blackpinklove_520@hotmail.com What's your link so i can link you too :)
Yuting: Pee ah! You also never wish me ah? Zzz Be glad that I wish you once..
HAHAHA, just joking meh. HEHEHEH I also wished you what...


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