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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alright, let me start from yesterday which was Wednesday, 7th September.
Yesterday, went to school for Balance Program's Group session from 12 till 12plus. After that, went home and took bath. Prepared to go out with my family. I don't know how long has it been since we went out together as family. We first went to Chinatown to collect something. We could not find the place when we reached there by MRT. After collecting from Cerebos Pacific Limited at China Square Central, went to eat lunch at hawker center. Ate food like tofu from 'popular' store and i called it 'popular' cause it had a long queue. My mother queued up for it and it was fast. We also ordered Dumplings, Xiao Long Bao ;) Delicious, both of the food we ordered. After eating, went to another store to packed egg tarts. After that, we took MRT to Raffles Place to my aunt's workplace there to passed the food we packed previously on. After Raffles Place, we went to Bugis by MRT, again :)) My father and i had played which door will open to Bugis in MRT and i lost. Hmph, my father never took MRT for so long but, still, he won. HAHA :P Reached Bugis and we went to Tample to pray before we went to buy something that took so long. After that, we crossed Bugis Street to go Bugis Junction. Brought them to Apple Store to show iPad and the rest. However, when we went in, the iPad was 'missing' from the display case. My father went to try iPod and saw that it was expensive. The minimum is $308. And i also saw the Magic Mouse for iMac and i wanted it. However, it's expensive! It cost $98! Woahh, then the normal mouse like mine at home, cost $78. WOWOW, so expensive sia.. Apple is BOMB, yeah. Anyway, we left the store after not so long of being inside. Went to buy ice-cream. Bought strawberry flavour and it was damn bright pink and red mix. Mei bought Green Tea flavour. We ate then went to hire taxi. Before we went inside the taxi, i quickly ate my ice-cream finished. Mei still was eating and she ate inside. So, took taxi and we went home at around 6plus. Had a great day on that day, 7th Sep 10 :D

Today, had CCA from 8.45pm till 3pm but we went home one hour later. This morning, went to Bedok Reservoir by public bus with two teachers and one instrutor. All male ones, no big deal. Reached there, we were given about two hours, from 9plus to 11am, to take some photos for photography competition. We went around for like 10 minutes and it started to rain. We went into the shelter and 'idled' around. It kept raining non-stop that we could not take pictures outside. Ms Chia came and 'told us off' because we could also take pictures under the shelter but i found that the pictures would all be the same as we were at that same place. Get it? Whatever. We took some pictures and stayed there till 12pm. Then, left the park and went to bus stop to take bus to drop off then walked to block 85 for lunch. Yuting, Sheryl, Wendy, Jeanette and i went to 7-eleven to eat. I was contemplating what to eat and gave up and to eat maggie like the rest except Jeanette. I saw promotion that a maggie and a whatever gulp 16oz cost $2 and bought it. The noodles was hot so i threw away the hot water in order to eat fast. After eating, we went to a long way to go back to school, leaded by Yuting. Reached school and went to Art Room to wait for everyone else before going to Comp Lab 3. Went there and were asked to pick out at least 1 photo for each to submit with caption and write-up. Yuting, Sheryl, Wendy, Jeanette and i were like talking and don't know what to do. When it was 3pm, we rushed to pick out then we were allowed to complete the caption and write-up at home. Around 4plus, we went home. Tomorrow, gonna go school again for Bal Prog.

That's all for today. Oh yes! I got something to share, yeah :D I've come across this thing. That it enables to 'change' the theme of my Tumblr Dashboard and Facebook Page. And it's an extension for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Images down -

Cool, right?!

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