Awesome Term 4
Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's start from the start of Term 4, the last term of the year 2010. Time flies...

Monday, 13 September -
Back to school after a week of Sep holiday. School lessons as per normal but slightly change.
- First period was HHP, Pearl and i went for bal group session with others.
- English, went through comphrension.
- Recess
- Mathematics, another teacher came and said she would be teaching us for a week only. Ugh, i cannot stand her attitude and i find her familiar but could not remember where i had seen her before. Before she came to our school.
- LifeArt, baked Apple Crumble, yummy :) My partner was not present. Another one of the pair had to go off then the other paired up with me. Did not bring my lunchbox, but, luckily, i went to rush to buy one from canteen.
- Mum said the food was nice and wanted to make it. However, we do not have oven at home.
- Homeworks!

Tuesday -
Nothing as usual but lessons. Kept sneezing in school. Was not feeling well after school and took a nap in afternoon.

Wednesday -
The day which i hate the most of the week. Many lessons and always end later than usual. Because of the last period, Literature. Well, yeah, nothing as usual in school. At home, was feeling sick which i have not been feeling for a year plus. Heat was burning within me and felt cold. And got better after bath. Also, ate alot on that day, Ruiyi and Yuting were 'surprised'(?) during recess. HAH, needed energy. And, oh, no CCA that day. Luckily hor, or else i cannot take it throughout the day without resting.

Thursday -
Up and down. Yay, that one was okay though Drama. Need to bring costume next week -.- During CME, the last period, did not sit with Casandra as i was like don't want to face her. Sat with Pearl. Watched movie, Touched by an Angel. Wait, maybe it's a drama. And, oh, was feeling much better, yay. Thanks to panadol, i think? HAH.

Friday, 17th September -
-First lesson with no teacher around, like usual.
- English, relief teacher came in and were given article to do.
- PE, went for bal's post test.
- Recess, stayed in classroom as was bored.
- Science, DEADLINE :( Pearl and i didnt do the project and were asked to hand in next Monday. Huh.
- Geography, went through the notes. Pearl and i wrote to each other on TISSUE PAPER, hehe. I drew on the notes, somemore. Was bored. I have forgotten what teacher had said about the chapter. Alamak, EOY is in two weeks' time and i have to pay attention!!!
- School ended and that was fast :D Went to canteen for CCA Camp groups photo-taking. Thviya was nice to take my books for me and i found it odd. LOL
- After that, Yuting lead me to far end of the canteen and i was surprised to see Ivy and the rest. The rest are Chanying, Janice, Rachel, Jiayi, Cheryl and Joyce. To celebrate Mansura's and mine birthdays. September :D The cake was nicely decorated. Then sang the song and cut the cake. Took photos with Joyce's DSLR. Ate big portion and Mansura too. Huifurn and Charmaine were there too. The short short one spoilt my mood, kay. Keep following around one leh. After the cake, we sat down and chit-chat. Catching up, yeah. The short short one still was there though Charmaine went off. Walao, why! Ohyes, Chanying gave socks to Yuting and i. Yuting love it so much cause it's rabbit and pink. HAHA. My socks are cuteeeee, hehe. Then chatted till 3plus and we packed up and went off. We were seen by that office woman and were told not to walk around. Felt bad uhhh. Next time, dont meet in school uh, kay? Outside is the best place. :) Went to bus stop. Bus came and took it. I was the first to go home, heheh, as i dropped off my stop. Bid goodbyes to them and hope to see them again! Yay, thank youuu, people! For the surprise. Mansura and i sure love it, yeah!

So, today,... Duhh, someone who i admire alot is leaving Singapore. And tomorrow is the day. The day when i am gonna turn a year older. Do you dread birthdays? I think i do. Or maybe not. HAHA. So, yeah, let's see.


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