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Friday, August 27, 2010

So, for past few days, nothing happened except staying back to prepare for the Mac - Finals on Monday (23rd Aug) and Thursday (26th Aug). We almost complete it. We need to rehearsal. So, next Monday which is 30th, staying back again for the last time though teacher, Mr Chua, is leaving. However, he's not yet leaving soon. And the final is on 2 September which is next Thursday! Ahh, goodluckkkk! HAHAH. Anyway, today in school was awesome. There were about 18 people in my class because the rest went for Art Alive! 2. First period, HHP, went for Group balance program. Then IT lesson, stayed in classroom and there was no teacher and did Math homework. English, another teacher came in and gave us some worksheets to do. PE, went for Individual balance program. After that, went to PE in hall but did not join them. Then recess, ate popcorn chicken and harshbrown which cost 50 cents each, then went to classroom and did nothing. Should have brought my storybook -.- Science, teacher came in late and had lesson for like 10-15 minutes. Geography, went to hall as the teacher is not coming to teach. Went to hall and were given a worksheet to complete. Then went to classroom to complete. After that worksheet, did Science homework. When it was 12.25pm, relief teacher came in to check our work before we could go. Showed it to her then dismissed. Went to bus stop and met Yuting, Mansura and Thviya. Chit-chatted till on bus then went home. Reached home at 2pm and it was like the first time that i went home at that time because i have been going home late for past few days. Feeling tired now.. Not getting much sleep nowadays.

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