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Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's about yesterday, 6th August! Let's skip from Tuesday (3rd Aug) to Thursday (5th Aug). Oh yeah, 5th August was Yuting's birthday! :D

Yesterday, 6th August -
- Sport Carnival at Tampines Stadium. Shall not get into too much details. In the morning, sang the National Song, said the Pledge then sang school song. Time for the games. I stood under the sun for almost 3 hours because of the game i played. And i got sunburnt. The event ended at around 12.30pm with prize-giveing ceremony. Got a medal for 2nd place for PushBall game (: After that, finally were able to leave then Yuting and i looked for Mansura and Thivya. When we found them, we walked to MRT station to go Somerset to celebrate Yuting and Thivya birthdays. However, Thivya and Yuting went there first then Mansura and i went to Raffles Place to wait for Ivy (a surprise for those birthday girls). While waiting, Mansura and i wrapped up the present for Yuting. Then went to Somerset to wait for Ivy instead. She finally came and we hugged. Then went off to 313@Somerset. Went to that icing shop to decorate a cake (: We decorate until so messy, haha. Then we saw Yuting and Thivya see us and Ivy and ran away. Ivy felt like her face was exposed and our plan FAILED. Went up to last level to food court and met them. Went to one far end and sat. Yuting was so impatient to see the cake. Ivy went to order her lunch first then we talked talked, catching up. Then, finally, cake was revealed to those birthday girls. Ivy took some videos. Sang the birthday song and ate the cake. Half of the cake only. The rest was for ChanYing, Janice and Rachel who were coming later. After eating, went to buy drink as i have no water. Ivy took video of Mansura for those late-comers as she had to go off earlier. Then, she went off. ChanYing and Janice came after awhile. Then Rachel came later. Sang the birthday song again with half cake. Then ate again, yummy. After eating, chatted. Then around 5plus, Yuting and i decided to go off then we bid goodbyes to them. Went to MRT to train to City Hall while Yuting to DG. Went to City Hall and changed MRT to go Bedok. Reached Bedok and bussed home at around 6pm. Took bath quickly as i felt sticky cause of the sweat. At night, got flu and was feeling so sleepy. Slept at 8plus and this morning, i woke up at 8plus. Woah, 12 hours. No, 11 hours plus. Have to study for Common Tests!! I have only four days to study!

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