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Saturday, July 31, 2010

For past few days, routine happened. It's been a week. Again.

Monday, 26th July -
- English, practiced oral with exception for me (:
- Recess, went with Yuting, Casandra, Xinyi and others.
- Maths, Teacher was pissed off at us because some of us did not do homework and gave us a lot of questions to do.
- LifeArt, bored...
- After school, stayed back with Xinyi to continue our work on illustrator-ing. Casandra went for oral exam and came to us later. Mr Chua was there to help.
- Went home at 6plus.

Tuesday -
- Mother Tongue, did Maths homework which i missed out the last three questions. Teacher came for English and gave us reflection to do then she went off cause we wanted to do Maths.
- English, forget what we did.
- Recess, as usual.
- Music, boring as usual.
- Maths, teacher was not in but we had test. Forgot how to do, so i think i did badly.
- Science, teacher was pissed at some of us who did not have practical workbook.
- Homeroom period, bored...
- After school, did not stay back for the animation cause teacher was not around after school. So, took a break. Went to brain gym for the schedule. Then went home with Yuting on the way and she was alone to go home after i went home.

Wednesday -
- Mother Tongue, a teacher came to teach us Math.
- History, teacher was absent so a relief teacher took over and asked us to decorate the hand and do mindmap.
- Recess, usual.
- Maths, was taught on new chapter, Chapter 8.
- Science, forget what we did.
- Literature, went through Macbeth and no homework was given.
- This day was a free day with no homework at all! Like first time for Wednesdays.
- Stayed back after school for CCA. But Xinyi, Casandra and i continued on our drawings throughout CCA. And, yes, we started to animate! Xinyi and Casandra drew. Mr Chua and i animated.
- CCA ended at 6pm but we went off later than those who went off already.

Thursday -
- Maths, teacher played with water, HAHA. For finding out the volume of pyramid.
- Science, had practical test in bio lab.
- Recess, nothing as usual. Oh, and, i found out that i actually have same recess time as Sheryl and Wendy. Walao! Did not know about it for 4 weeks!
- Mother Tongue, finally went to get the key for the room. Did nothing but chatted with Yuting and she had mother tongue after her recess.
- English, teacher was pissed at two of our classmates for English file. She even yelled for the first time, she said. Was given back the files and i was asked to redo the content page cause i only wrote graded ones. Walao, but nvm lor.
- Drama, needed to write about our heros and i immediately of one whom i had not met before and another one whom i am not gonna see again.
- CME, sat with Casandra and watched Helen Keller cartoon on Youtube. I thought i have watched before, non-cartoon one.
- After school, had lunch with Casandra and stayed back. Xinyi went to CCPS for Math Buddy Program and she would be back for us. We thought we could finish that day but we were wrong. Mr Chua said we must finish by Friday and he got confident. Oh yes, we invented his nickname, hehe. Mr Turtle, yeah. Cause Casandra always drew Mr Chua as a turtle :D Casandra overheard his conservation with one DMC-er that he would be leaving on 27th Aug. Then we decided that the girl, whom he talk to on that day, would be sad if he left, HAHA. Casandra, again, drew him as cooked turtle and Ms Turtle would be sad. Very funny!
- Went home at 6plus.

Friday, 30th July -
- Xinyi's birthday (:
- NAPFA re-test during HHP. Did only 4 stations as no time.
- IT, watched videos on Youtube.
- English, did summary as test, i think so.
- PE, went to continue NAPFA for last station and i passed. After NAPFA, did nothing but wait till my turn for Brain Gym as Jessica went first.
- Recess, was in Brain Gym.
- Science, was almost late for the test as i rushed from Brain Gym to office, to get transmitter, to classroom. Luckily, the teacher had not given out the paper yet. Then was panting and quite shaking while doing test. I think i flunked it.
- Grography, went through the rest of the chapter and had test on workbook. Flunked it. Again.
- After school, went to have lunch with Yuting, Sheryl and Wendy as DMC had N.E. Mation workshop. However, Casandra, Xinyi and i were not attending it as we needed to continue on animation. After lunch, went to Art Room on 3rd level beside Comp Lab 3 where all the DMC-ers are, and, in art room where Mr Chua had brought three iMacs over, we went back to continue our works. We ate lollipops, given by Mr Chua. Around 2plus, Ms Chia bought us curry puffs and we ate them. Be warned, it gonna be long. :D After that, we went back to our work. Around 4plus, Yuting, Sheryl and Wendy came over to me from comp lab and asked me whether i want to join their team for N.E. Mation. Thought it over and decided to join. So, went over to comp lab and filled my particular and went back to art room. Yeah, RUNAWAY (: Around 5plus, when Xinyi had came back from Brain Gym, i had to go for it again because i did not finish during recess. Ran to Brain Gym Room and it seemed quite far as most staircase were closed. Reached there and continue. Ms Tan said i had to redo one twice cause data got problem. Did it and others. Then, finally the last one. Did the last one and data got hanged. Walao, then had to redo again. Ms Tan wondered why i was the only one who caused the computer to have problem while others did not. HAHA, i find it strange too. Then i ran back to the staircase, only to find that it was closed and met Yuting and she told me to go that usual staircase and i forgot about it -.- The workshop had ended at around 6plus and Yuting, Sheryl and Wendy got dismissed and went home. I ran back to art room and rest. Ate lollipop given by Ms Tan. Again :P Mr Turtle did help me to animate. We stayed in art room till late at 9 plus. Woah, first time like that. 9pm already, i thought of No Limits show on channel 8 and complained that i was gonna missed it. During that time, Ms Chia brought us food (: Used Mr Chua's macbook to go Yahoo and Twitter as his got internet. Oh yes, Mr Chua responded to himself being called by his nickname by us. HAHA. Casandra drew me as a pig as i was born in the year of pig. She also drew Xinyi and herself as the mice as they were born in the year of rat. Very funny one lah. She also drew that Mr Turtle carrying us, 1 pig and 2 mice, on its back and swim off to bring us back to home. LOL, then really, Mr Chua said he would pay for us for the taxi fare to bring us home. But, in the end, Ms Chia was the one who brought us home. We almost finish the animation and Mr Chua will complete the last one for us as we do not have Adobe Flash CS4 program. Then brought the iMacs back to comp lab and left art room to go to another art room, Ms Chia's. There were artists there, painting for 'O' Level. Wow, nice paintings they got there. The school place was dark and i was quite scared. Embarrassing lah. Casandra kept trying to push me into darkness sides. EEDIOTTT ): Waited for the artists to pack up then went off to 1st level. Got into Ms Chia's car with Xinyi, Casandra and one artist (schoolmate duh). We squeezed in the back as Mr Chua took passenger seat in front. Ms Chia drove Xinyi home first then the artist then me. Reached home at 10.30pm. Wow, how cool is that uh? Home then quickly took bath without washing hair. On comp then ate my 'dinner' which was already supper for me. Ate a bit of it as it turned cold.
-Slept at around 12.30am. Had so much fun at school :D

Todayyyy, 31st July -
- Darryl's birthday (:
- Went out to Plaza Singapura with Yuting, Sheryl and Wendy.
- Watched CSH's Percussion band perform on stage at there. Met lot of other ex-students of CSH. Teachers too.
- After performance, wished Darryl for his birthday.
- Went to McDonald to join them. Met Adeline and Wenlin (:
- After that, we were standing outside Mac and thinking of what to do. I decided to look for Apple's store to take a look at iPad and iPhone 4. We walked around then blah blah blah. Up and down in shopping mall. HAHA. Then, we fianlly saw iPad and iPhone4. Wow, iPad looks smaller than i thought.
- Around 4plus after walking around and peeking into shops, went to sit down at Mac to take a rest. Was feeling really tired, i dont know why. Wendy went off. Then bought shaker fries. Sheryl, Yuting and i were like allergy to that shaker fries' powder cause we would sneeze when we sniff it. LOL. After eating, went to toilet then to MRT station. Yuting went to take bus home. Sheryl wanted to go Bugis to find Wendy but she was not feeling and decided to go home. So, Sheryl came with me to Tampines (: Her friends were there, anyway. In MRT, we saw one family with iPhone each. Yeah, there are five people in that family. Four got iPhone and one got iPad. Wow, first time seeing iPad in public, using by a person. Then that family went to drop off that Tanah Merah and my friend board the MRT. She did not see me, phew. Then dropped off at Tampines. Went to Tamp Mall and up to Timezone to look for Darryl, Kyriel, Lydia and Sze Wen. Include Kevin whom i had not seen for a year. He's still the same, running away from me. HAHA. Darryl also, still the same. Act like a little kid. Okay, so, i left them to go 3rd level to go one shop to buy present for Yuting. I kepy wondering what to buy. After a long time, went to buy drink and up to Sheryl to ask for help. She came with me to the shop and she said that present would be okay. So, bought it. After that, went up to Timezone to look for them but they were at food court, so went to them at there. I decided to go home then told Sheryl that. Then went off. MRT-ed to Bedok, many thoughts running through my mind.
- Reached home at 6plus.

Tomorrow will be my busy-free day! Monday's the deadline and i wonder if we submit the deadline already. Monday's school. Argh. Common Test 2 is around the corner and i have to study already! I cannot afford to fail again!

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