Torn, piggy
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So, World Cup had already ended on Monday's early morning (SGT). Spain won, why? I expected Netherlands to win, hmph! Well, it's over now. World Cup again in 2014. Anyway, yesterday, went to Casandra's house after school with Xinyi. We had fun and with her new-brand tablet. It's cool uh, easier to draw by connecting to computer via USB. We were at her house for three hours and went home at 6plus. Reached home at 7plus. Todayyyyy.... New students in my class! She's from New Zealand but lived in America. How cool is that?! Anyway, felt sooooo sleepy throughout the day. And, oh, during English lesson, it was about debating whether homework should be banned. Then, like half of the class agree while the other half disagree. Then we 'augured'. Wow. Well, shall skipped what happened after that. I am so torn between the two, no, three. Yeah, today. How to manage them? Forget it. Uhmm, CCA tomorrow! I don't want tomorrow to come. I dread some lessons. Whatever. Got to go now.

Tags replies;
Yuting: Wanna eat Sakura with me after out first pay work.. hehe
Yuting: our*
Hah, sure! Why not! But we wanna work ar?
I am feeling so torn apart,
managing them.
It's like I am a piggy between one and two,
plus three.
One needs me,
two wants me too and
three, too, need-want me.
But, for now, I don't mind it.


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