Saturday, July 24, 2010

So far, i have not blogged for a week. So busy nowadays. From last Monday to Friday which was yesterday, stayed back everyday. Today has been finally a day to take a break. So, again, shall summarize about each day.

Monday, 19 July -
- Exercise program after morning assembly in school. Plus running. Yuting, Sheryl and Wendy missed it -.-
- School lessons as per normal.
- Stayed back after school at last minute to do work with Xinyi and Casandra. We actually did not do anything cause we got no ideas yet.
- Went home late in afternoon.

Tuesday -
- Lessons as per normal.
- Learning Journey after school to YOG. It was boring, yeah. VERYYYY.

Wednesday -
- CCA after school. Casandra, Xinyi and i did not do anything with our groups and photography work (Respect, Friendship and Excellence). We got help from Mr Chua with the animation. Phew, luckily, got him to help us or else we would be lost and give up.

Thursday -
- Stay back after school to continue the work. The deadline is just a week away! Mygodd, must complete. YEAH, Luminous C.X.Y! Will be staying back again on Monday.

Friday (yesterday) -
- Went to Temasak Polytechnic for 3D Graphics and Animation Competition Finals. Mygodd lah, Pasir Ris Secondary School has got the most teams to represent, that's why that school got more of the prize. Somemore, one of the teams from PRSS got first prize.

So, today.... I don't know what to do except drawing for animation. Pressure keep dragging on. But i can manage it!

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