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Saturday, July 17, 2010

So, from Wednesday (14 July), had CCA after school. About Video Cam. Casandra drew, using Tablet that we borrowed from Ms Chia, though she brought hers. Well, when CCA ended, I lost my name tag. What an unlucky day! I did not put properly while i was talking and walking. Before that, no, before CCA even starts, my handphone could not be switched on! 4th time already!!! No, it's 3rd time! The first time was auto shut-down. Back to the topic, so, went home and saw MioTV had already arrived (: And, oh, there was ton of homework on Wednesday. I hate Wednesdays because that's only the days when there is a lot of homeworks and go home late. Next day, Thursday, nothing as usual. So, skip to Friday which was yesterday. Had IT, English then PE. During PE, were asked to jog. Long time no jog already. After PE, had recess. Was damn bored. And Pearl did not come to school for a week already. She has got sore eye. Hope she is able to come on Monday. After recess, had Science then Geography. Suring Geography, teacher threatened to send me to R-cube twice! TWICE, you know! Cause i did not bring the transmitter (FM) and the e-learning hardcopy. Then just not long after she threatened me, Xinyi came up to outside my classroom and told it was time. I did not what to do then she went to get Casandra then came up again. So, i went to teacher and told her that i have to go off already and she let me go off. Passed Pearl's homework to my classmate then i went off. But i went to canteen to pass something to counselor. Then went to Art Room to meet Xinyi and Casandra then went to canteen to buy lunch, using Ms Chia's 10 bucks. So generous of her uh (: Casandra and i bought ham and cheese sandwiches while Xinyi bought tuna. Then went to staricase there and ate while waiting for Ms Chia. We ate finished then she still have not come. Then finally, like at 1, she came and we got into her car, i think it's hers. Then, inside the car, we discussed. We reached there in about 35 minutes. Then we went up to ite and saw that it is very big like shopping mall. Got Shop'N'Save in carpark and 7-eleven on main floor. Ms Chia asked some students for the direction but they brought us there. We went up and to a room where all the computers are. There was awkward moments and i felt tensed and almost stiff, ahahha. Then workshop started. Skipped the tutorial part then around 3 plus, took 15 minute break then continued. Till nearly 5 plus, the workshop ended. Then, went to toilet then went to carpark to go Shop'N'Save. We 'shopped' there, ahahah. Then we bought food already then went to car. Asked Ms Chia to bring us to nearest MRT but she insisted that she fetch us. Then told her to bring us back to school. Were quiet throughout the drive. Then reached bedok and we saw accident at Bedok North Road, just near my house. We were shocked to see it. The double-deck bus got hit on upper deck window. Many people were there and i saw the tent which meant someone died. That's just nearby and i told Ms Chia to drop me off at near bus stop where 17 and 45 are. Then she pull off and i thanked her and bid goodbyes to them. Then, went home. Reached home, and my mother told me that my phone (w980) can be used already cause the software needed to be update. She also told that i can also do that. She decided to sell my phone then i thought about it. Finally, i decided to sell too. So, blah blah. Oh yes, yesterday night on channel 8 news at 10pm, the accident was on the news. Woah. AHAHA
This morning, it was raining and the flood came again. Wow. Third time already for this year, i think so. And, oh, my mother sold my phone at dont-tell-you-how-much price.The phone i want is expensive and decided not to buy yet.

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