Saturday, July 10, 2010

So, well, summaries again?! About 4 days.

Tuesday, 6th July:-
Nothing's new, so school as per normal.

School - Pearl did not come, so was on own.
- CCA - Casandra, Xinyi and i talked about ideas for upcoming contest. Yuting, Sheryl and Wendy, what did they do?! HAHA. And, oh, GO, Luminous C.X.Y!

Teachers talked about World Cup Football, hehe. Germany lost ): Well, school as per usual.

Time passed quickly in school. Yes, very fast. Hmm, had whatever exercise programme cause failed NAPFA test. WTH, just abit, you know! Whatever. Later that day, one counselor came to my class and called for me and she asked me to choose three of my classmates to go for programme. Chose Pearl and Jessica (: Hope they don't mind.

Today, went to school for extra math lesson for an hour only. I feel like i have not gone there just now. That's all for this post.

Tags replies;
ruilin: so you all didnt go wif ruiyi of those photos?you went to watch movies with ruiyi??
She went with her friends.
Yuting: YO *****Y BABE (: hehe
Yo! What's with the stars? Bad words?


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