Monday, July 5, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Today, went to Bugis with Yuting and Rachael. Actually, plus Ruiyi but she changed her mind to go with her friends. So, firstly, went to library to do some research but failed. Waited for Yuting and Rachael to come but met up at Iluma there. Bought tickets for Eclipse at 2pm. It was 1.50pm when we bought tickets, so we went to toilet before going in. Then, went in. Saw many people there. More than the last time Yuting and i went to watch Toy Story 3. Then after few minutes while eating, the advertisements came on the screen. Around 2.15pm, it was time for Eclipse! I glued my eyes to the screen throughout 2hours. During the movie, i was recollecting from the Eclipse storybook which i had read. I realised that the movie is filmed according to the book. Not like the first installment of Twilight Saga. Zomg, the overall for the movie is definitely YES! THE AWESOMEST! AND EXCITING! Sadly, i have to agree with Ruiyi that if the director was better, the movie would be much better and more exciting. Somemore during the movie, someone kept laughing and it was loud. Well, there's some funny parts in the movie, but that person still laughed after that part. Ignored him/her. At around 4.15pm, the movie ended and we left the cinemas. Went to Bugis Junction to go Neoprints there. I thought take pictures with my camera but Rachael wanted to neoprints. So, since, we haven't any together, we only take once. Rachael paid 5 bucks while Yuting and i paid 2.50 each. 11 bucks altogether. Expensive sia... Then we waited for our turn at one booth. Rachael and Yuting kept combing their hair. Wow. Then, we in for our booth. Inserted the money and saw that we need not to choose the picture. Walao, i prefer we choose one lah. So, we took 8 photos. Then designed. We designed abit only cause no time. And Rachael kept erasing. That was why. Then printed it out. There are 42 altogether. Yuting and i took 12 each and Rachael took 18 since she paid more. Fair, yeah (: Then we left and decided to go home. We bid goodbyes at the bus stop when they went off to another bus stop. Took 7. I kept thinking of what to write for IT homework. Need to write a story about 2PM, the time. Anyway, reached interchange in about 45 minute and took bus home. Reached home and blah blah. Oh yes, mother told me that she upgrade/change or whatever MioPlan. And having MioTV soon! Yay, can watch shows and movies! Yuting, you want to watch, come here lor, hehe. So, here, blogging and photos will be up soon are below!


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