Saturday, July 3, 2010

Did not blog for three days since 'first day' because was busy and did not have time to blog. So, just some pointers.

Wednesday, 30 June:-
- School as per normal
- Had CCA
- Watched Unbelievable Outing on Youtube with Yuting and Sheryl during CCA :D
- Slept at 8plus

Thursday, 1 July:-
- School as per normal
- Was really very tired at school and almost slept during last period.
- Stayed back for extra class of Math for 30 minute.
- Took a nap in the afternoon
- Cousin, Ryan, came with his mother and little brother, Gavin (: Grown bigger
- Slept at around 10plus

Friday, 2 July:-
- Be Yourself Day
- School as per normal
- Flu
- Failed NAPFA ):
- After school, was raining heavily and had to stayed back from like briefing balance program, for about an hour
- Was supposed to go CSH with Yuting but cancel due to weather. So, went home.
- Tons of homework
- Slept again for 30 minute in evening, lol.
- Watched then slept at 10

Today is Saturday, still have not recovered from flu. There's English homework left. No, plus IT homework. Ugh, i hate IT lesson. Quite... Monday, maybe watching Eclipse with Ruiyi and Yuting. Not sure lah. See how... Who knows i might cancel at the very last minute.


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