Toy Story 3
Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3!

So, today, went to Bugis with Yuting. Before that, i bought Teenage magazine -
A SURPRISE for all Teenage Readers. Met Yuting at Bugis library and she opened it. What i have got form Teenage was the same -.- That whatever for skin. I want others, man! Then, i flipped through till that photos page, and we were surprised to see our photo there. Yeah, our photo! Yuting, Sheryl, Wendy and I! The photo is -
Look for it! Hehehe, Yuting's head is the biggest and mine is the smallest. Okay, then we went to cross to Iluma by the bridge. Went up to 5th Level then went to cinema there and bought two tickets. 8.50 each. Then went to arcade to sit down and kill time by talking.
The time for the movie was 2.30pm, and it was early, so we went outside to 7-eleven to buy potato chips. Went there and bought BBQ potato chips and drink which costed 2 dollars. Yay for promotion!

Yuting was like sick of seeing Eclipse poster everywhere, even at bus stop at that moment. Everywhere have, yay! HEHE :P Then, walked back to Iluma and up to cinema and went inside. It was dark like we were blind, could not see anything. Then we saw that we arrived the first ones at 2.15pm as there was no one at all. Then we found our seats. Opened the potato chips and ate it. Waited till one person arrived then more. Then around 2.30pm, the advertisements started for like 10 minutes. Then, finally, Toy Story 3 started at 2.40pm! Shall not elaborate about the movie. All i can say that it's AWESOME and WORTHY! Worth watching it. The story is nice! Got sad moments and funny too. The person sat behind me, laughed so loud that disturbed people. She also kicked my seat. But i did not care because i was engrossed in the movie that i had forgotten where i was. Then the movie ended at around 4.30pm then watched credits too and left the place. Went to toilet first. You know what? We almost went into Male Toilet cause we followed one woman in then another two men went into Female one. HAHAHA, then we went off to the right one. After that, left Iluma and we went to separate ways at the bus stop. Waited for 7 to come and boarded it. Reached Bedok and went to library to collect my reserved item and went to interchange and took bus home at around 5plus. I was feeling really tired out of blue. Took bath and dinner then here am i blogging (: So, shall stop here. And I am waiting for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse which will be release on 1 July in Singapore though on 30 June in USA. I am not sure if i can go to cinema to watch cause i can only watch movie at cinema once a year. Last year was once too, i think. No, twice. G-Force (3D) and The Wedding Game. Okay, stop here!

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