Term 3 begins...
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First day of school started today. Timetable is like... Confusing? So, well, went to school and saw that it was quite crowded at sunken foyer. Realised that they were queuing up for whatever biomatrixs. The thumbprint thingy, like to identified. I think they are for marking down the attendances. Did that and went back to classroom. The tables were anyhow arranged nicely and i found my table. Sat there and read the book and waited for the classroom to be filled in. Then around don't know what time, the classroom was filled and teacher came in. Then another teacher came, whom i don't recongise and realised that he is our new co-form teacher. So there. Form teacher rearranged the seats. I sat at the same place and it was the place as last semester. Pearl requested to sit with me and she granted it. Teachers stayed in class till 9plus and went for second period. Actually, the first period consist of two subjects, English and Math. Each 35 minute. One period is 1h 10min. Confusing, right? Will get used to it. So the second period is CME? Don't know lah. Like VE, in semester 1. 2/5 also have the same period as my class, 2/6. The lesson was about the life. After that, Pearl, Joy, Jean, Jessica and Roshini thought it was recess time but i told them it Literature. Then quickly went back to classroom to check the timetable out and it was Literature period. The Lit teacher is still the same, yes. She said she won't change for the whole semester. Then blah blah, were copying down the 'plan' for lessons from the whiteboard. Then she told us the good news that we have not realised. It is Youth Day this Sunday, meaning no school on next Monday! Yay! No LifeArt! After Lit, had recess with those five people as others have different recess times. After recess, had Music. We watched videos then had like free period. After Music, it was homeroom period or assembly. And it was homeroom period. Chatted with Pearl and read the book. Then 2.10pm, went to 2/1 classroom with my dance group for the dance briefing. Teacher came and talked about that. Ahh, need to perform on next Wednesday, 7 July. Nooooo, i don't want to dance! Pearl is not performing with because she need to go for appointment. Well, after that, went home. That's all.


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