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Sunday, June 6, 2010

So, well, did not blog for 4 days.
Woke up at 10 today as i wanted to.
Ate sandwiches as breakfast. Mother made for me :D
Then used computer. Chatted with Yuting for awhile on Twitter (:
Aiya, always chatted with her almost everyday, even at night!
Follow me and her! @evelynrachel and @angelayuting
Then around 11plus, went to take bath.
Used computer than SMSed Celine to find out that she was not feeling well.
Luckily, i did not get prepare to go out.
Well, nevermind cause i cancelled last week.
Get well soon, Celine (:
So, continue to use computer and was trying to get Yuting to chat with me on Twitter.
She was not there, so played Maple.
And, oh, Super Junior is coming to Singapore today! Except Kyuhyun ):
Okay now, 11.42am, Mapling :D

Tag replies;
shroom: no worries.. u can watch With You at xinmsn ^^
Yepyep ^^


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