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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today is the second opening of Marina Bay Sands! - Sands SkyPark, the Event Plaza along Marina Bay, more shops, additional dining options, and nightlife offerings.

Well, was supposed to wake up at 8 this morning by myself, but my mother woke me up at 9. I had to rush. Ate cheese burger and drank tea. Then used computer for awhile then changed then got prepared and waited for mother to prepare. Then left the house at 10 plus and took bus to interchange and met mother's friends at MRT station. Then MRT-ed to Paya Lebar to go to take another MRT on Circle Line to Promenade. Reached there and took taxi to Marina Bay Sands. Not that three towers because that's hotel! Went to the opposite one. Get it? Went inside, then mother asked for help to go one booth to get tickets. The helper showed us the way and leaded us there. It was 11plus so the booth had not open yet. Then we thanked the helper and went around the place. Mother's friends went to casino first. Mother and i walked around and i saw Chanel shops are opening soon! Yay!
Then when nearly 12pm, her friend called her to come back to the place to queue up. Then we went back to that booth. Then she queued up with her one of two friends. I waited for them with another one of her friends. While waiting, i watched fashion-catwalk show from that Raoul shop. The clothes are nice! I don't know why i am into fashion, thanks to tumblr. I prefer to be old-fashioned :P Then after like 110 minute, mother came out with her friend. Yay, got two pairs of tickets! Which mean four tickets! For four of us. Tickets to Event Plaza's grand opening, like concert.
After that, her two friends went to casino again then mother and i went to eat lunch just a few minute after 12 noon. Ate rice with egg, chicken and other i don't know what does it called. Mother and i shared. After eating at around 1, went to walk around then her friends came out then mother wanted to go into casino with them. She asked me to wait outside and access wireless internet, using her phone. We exchange the phones, in case, needed to contact. Then she went inside with her friends. I found a place to sit then sat there and tried to access internet but failed ): Then used the singtel's internet to go tweet for awhile then read storybook. Sometime, i did put down my book and watched the helpers helping the people. Then read again then watched again. Been doing that for an nearly two hour. Went to toilet then came back again. Then mother came out at around 2, then talked for awhile before she went in again. She gave me 5 bucks to eat something, but did not. Went to the water part there, don't know what is it called. Saw the crowded so i went to join them. I kept wondering what was going on. It did not start yet. Stood there and did nothing.
Then when it was time, only photographers and media were allowed. The whoever-like-security-men asked us to leave. So, i went to leave.
Walked around, being so lonely. Then saw the 'wed' couples got onto small boats and took pictures of them.

When it was 3pm, SMSed my mother to come out because i could not stand being alone in public anymore. Then she and her friends finally came out and they changed shoes. Then we went to that same food place, but that time, with extra two persons. Mother bought Nasi Lemak and for me, Chocolate Mouse Cup (: Yummy. Long time never eat that already.
After we had finished eating, my mother tried to call mei but she did not pick up. I suggested to video call her but also failed. Then finally, she picked up. Woah, her phone is often bombed with my mother's missed calls. Then cannot hear through video call, so made voice call. When done, we all went to Event Plaza and it was 4 already. The gate opened and we showed our tickets and went outside to Event Plaza. We saw people already went and queuing up. It rained abit. We stood there and needed to wait till 5.30pm. Hang on! I saw an actor! However, he is not so popular one. He only acted for awhile. I thought he was gonna be a host for concert but i was wrong later on. And, i kept cracking my head what show he acted in. But gave up. Then it rained more but we still stood with umbrella over our heads. Some went for shelter. Then finally stopped. Then we moved onto concert, yay, like finally. But that was before 5.30pm. Saw some JJ Lin's fans hold the fanboard. Took some pictures.
Then around at 5.20pm, the host came up on the stage and i do not know who he is. He was talking about the upcoming performances. Then got that person told us that we could go nearer the stage, just right in front of the stage! But my mother and i decided to stay where were we, cause there would be too loud. Most JJ Lin's fans went.
Okay, so, the first performance was:---

Jersey Boys-

After that performance, it was a "World Championship Climb" on the glass facade of the building to the SkyPark, with 7 teams of 21 top rock climbers from around the world competing. We watched on the screen that was on the stage. We could also see the climbers behind the stage as it was held near that building with SkyPark on the top. We could only see abit as the stage blocked it.
Heard that one or two women also climbed, wow. Also, heard that Singapore won. Aiya, so confusing lah. And, the climbers got to see SkyPark! Wow. There were about five parachutes above us.
Somemore, they got to swim, no, relax, in the swimming pool. I mean dipping in 'swimming pool'! How cool is that?! I want! Okay, so, after that climbing and flying, next performances were...

Singapore's idol 2009, Sylvia Ratonel-

JJ Lin-

After those two performances, it was time like for... fireworks? No fireworks, just some fire shooting. The Las Vegas people, the ones who own Las Vegas Sands, the very very rich people ones, hehehe. Aiya, don't know how to call them and i also don't even know the VIPs' names. Well, they came up onto the stage.
And we began to countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! No, or was it 3, 2, 1? I am not sure, forgot already. After 1, there were 'fireworks'! In the day, yes. Anyway, took video of it-
Sorry for the whatever handshake and poor quality. After that, the VIPs went off the stage. And the host came back with the other host who had been on SkyPark just before for the climbing event. I have to admit that he is handsome, hehehe. He's an American, i think so, or Australian. Not sure as i cannot tell who is American and who is Australian.
After they were done with talking, there was last performance. That time, the women and men started to shake their butts. Yeah, they shook their butts as Ms Kelly sang and dance. And it started to rain abit.

Ms Kelly-
It was raining already and it was 7pm already. We went to the front and took more pictures.
When the performance ended at around 7plus, Ms Kelly got off the stage and into car to take off. Then we, people, the invited guests, went off into MBS. Then we went to taxi stand. My mother and i went home first before her friends. Reached home and took bath, it was cold. And used computer to blog, yeah. Wow, i think this is the LONGEST post i had ever posted. 254th post.


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