Rush hour
Monday, May 24, 2010

This week is the last week of school's days.
Next week is holiday but still have to go back to school sometimes.
Well, in school today, it was totally boring.
Nothing to do beside reading whole day.
In morning and afternoon, went to hall and that's all.
After school, went to HI room for that 'meeting' which was supposed to be last friday.
Then Mrs Heng came in at 2.15pm sharp.
Then talked about don't-know-what-the-topic-is-called and some of us are interested.
Meeting a girl or woman next thursday.
Then after that, left the school and took the bus.
Mother called and SMSed me to go Bedok Centre to wait for her.
Then we went to Bedok Interchange and left them to wait for mother.
Then waited for 10 minute and she came.
Went to hawker centre to eat.
Ate chicken rice and mother ate duck rice form same stall.
When we done eating, went to Polyclinic because mother is sick.
Went inside then waited to register hers.
While waiting, she told me that the computer's CPU is alright already and did not lose memory but it has to be reformated.
So, i decided to go there with father to copy files.
But we see how first then.
Then, she registered and waited for her turn to see doctor.
Waited quite long before it was turn.
Then she came out quite fast then went to to put dont what folder into the box.
Then she went to counter and the woman made appointment for her.
After that, went to wait for to collect her medicine.
Mother told me to go home first cause father was home already and he decided to go that computer shop to copy files.
Then went home and quickly changed then went out.
Rode motorbike to Tampines then went to the shop.
Then saw the CPU can be switched on (:
Then copy the files we needed.
Copied already but got one files needed to wait long because the size of it is 2GB!
The files, no, the photos are my cousin's.
The photos damn big.
Waited long, very long, yeah.
Then finally after like 15 minute, it done copying.
Then the man talked about something about the CPU that it is actually very fast but because of so many stuffs inside, it was slow.
Then done talking, went back to motorbike and rode home.
Yay, will be able to play Maple soon!

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