MYE exams are over (:
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three little orange mushroom plushies!

Helloo :D
Exams are over, yeah.
Well, last Friday which was on 7th May, had Math Paper Two and i did not finished which cost me about 4 marks.
Then Monday (9th), had Geography.
Lost 4 marks cause i dont know how to do and left them blank.
Tuesday, had Math Paper One and lost 11 marks ): ): Forgot how to do but end of the paper, i remembered ):
Got little 'depression' but anyway, got over it!
Today, had Literature and i flunked it because i dont how to do :P
At least, i wrote something like teacher wanted us to do.
And, after paper, went to CSH with Sheryl and Ruiyi.
Reached there at 10.30am and went inside.
Looked for Mrs Teo then went into her classroom.
Chatted for awhile then, we left our bags there and went to look Mr Hamid for something then said would see him again at 11.30pm so, went to computer lab to look for Mr Wu, no, Hendri. LOL
Then, chatted and ate biscuits, given by him.
Chatted for dont know how long already but we went down to first floor at 11.15am then went to Mrs Teo's class.
At 11.30am, the P6 girls came down for supported class.
Then, realised that Ruiyi, Sheryl and i had to go up to third floor for something.
Then, went up and found him that he just came.
Went into whatever room then sat down.
Ruiyi checked her ear.
Did new ear mould for my ear.
Sheryl bought batteries.
After that, went off to Mrs Teo class then talked talked until i dont know what we were talking about.
Then, 12.30pm, they went off to CCPS then P5 came.
Tallked also, then at 1.30pm, went for lunch.
Did not eat anything :/
Watched Ruiyi and Sheryl eat the noodles.
After they had finished eating, Celine scared us!
Then, went to CSH.
Went into the classroom and we sat on the floor as no space.
P5 and P6 girls sat on the chairs.
Rui Xuan came along.
Wow, her uniform is all white as she is from Nanyang Girls' School.
Then Hendri was there to take photos of us all.
Then done taking.
Mrs Teo decided to take only ruiyi, sheryl, ruixuan, celine and i with her.
So, went outside and took group picture.
After that, went back inside.
Mrs Teo talked about what to write for next term to those primary girls.
We, secondary girls, sat on the floor, listening. LOL
Then, when they started to do the reflection, we went to talk to Mrs Teo about many stuffs.
Yeah, fun (:
Then about 2plus, Ruiyi and Sheryl went off.
Then 3plus, Celine and i went off.
Ruixuan went to CCPS to say hi to teachers.
It was raining and i shared my umbrella with Celine as she did not bring.
Went to bus stop then lent Celine the umbrella and she went to another bus stop.
Took bus, went to MRT station and MRT-ed to Bedok then went took bus to home.
That's all for today.
And tomorrow, Friday and next Monday, i have no schools on these days!
This Sunday, will be going to Suntec for Mercy Relief with Yuting and Sheryl!
Speaking of Yuting, i have like not seen her for so many days!
Hope it will be fun!

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Rachael: okok . i will do it son ((:
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