School's Out!
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today was boring as usual.
In hall again.
Then recess then hall.
Shall not elaborate what was all about in the hall.
Around 11plus, went back to classroom and got back the report card.
Also, we were given homeworks - asknlearn, worksheets and e-learning!
Regarding report card, damn bad lah ): But the result showed passed.
Then return them back to teacher.
After that, it was time to clean the classroom.
We go to work till 1.20pm when we were done then dismissed.
Went to canteen and bought lunch and ate it while waiting for others to come.
Yuting arrived first then others came.
Ate lunch till 2.15pm to go for CCA photo-taking.
Waited till like 2.30pm.
Then our turn.
Took already and went back to HI room to rest for awhile before going for CCA.
2.50pm, went to Comp Lab 3.
Then blah blah.
Went through the basics of Photoshop!
How i love Photoshop very much! :D
I was very unlucky that i tried two comp then no internet.
Then another comp i tried but the photoshop need serial number and they dont have.
So, shared with Yuting.
Hehe, Yuting is beginning to love Photoshop!
We had much fun, doing it together :D
Then till 5plus, we completed the basics, i think so.
Then Ms Chia dismissed us then we left the place and the school.
Waited for the bus and boarded it.
Reached my bus stop and met mei and mother, waiting for 45.
Nagged at mei again about the SMSes, lol.
Dont know why i nagged but i cared lah.
She just dont understand.
Also 'nagged' at mother then she nagged at mei to stop SMSing much so that i wont nag.
Hello, how long had it been?!
6 months!
Whatever, shall stop here.

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