Monday, May 17, 2010

Well, let's blog about yesterday.
Yesterday, went to Suntec for Mercy Relief.
Met Sheryl at MRT station and Yuting woke up late.
She quickly rushed for us, hahah.
Met up at Mac, then i went to take cup and make tea for myself.
Made messed by spilling -.-
Luckily, not much.
Quickly wiped it then made again then drank.
Sheryl drank coffee and Yuting drank coke.
After that, went underpass to Suntec Convention Hall.
Then collected the tins and went to Bugis.
Walked around then went to Sheryl's mother workplace.
Dun know did what there, then left the place and went around for people to donate.
So little, then went to Bugis Junction.
I stood there near, the whatever street (got air-con), then waited patiently for people to put money in and take stickers.
Hmm, that was good.
Stood there for an hour but worth it cause people got put coins.
Sheryl and Yuting stood by the door.
Then around 2.45pm, went to MRT and took it to City Hall, then changed MRT to Dhoby Ghuat then took circle line MRT to go Esplanade because the place is much nearer to Suntec then City Hall itself. Went to Suntec Convention Hall 603 then signed off and returned the tins and got $2 :D
Then left the hall.
Went to take Circle Line to go Paya Lebar as it will not be crowded unlike at City Hall MRT.
Yuting and Sheryl took another MRT with Xinyi tagging along.
Cirlce Line is so cool and much convenient. And first time took it!
Shall take my family there and take MRT to Esplanade if they want to go Suntec.
Then, reaached Paya Lebar Interchange then took MRT to Bedok.
Reached there then took bus and went home at 4.30pm.
Baby cousins did not come as it was raining.
And yes, last night, it was so cold and cooling!
Was able to sleep well, yeah.

Today, no school as it's marking day (:
Watched Super Junior's comback stage on youtube!
Omg, yesterday, they performed the last one on live ):
But it was the best, especially Bonamana!
Wow, they performed three stages in row! On 14th, 15th and 16th May!
Will upload videos here -

100514 Super Junior Comeback - Boom Boom [live] && 100514 Super Junior Comeback - BONAMANA [live] @ KBS2TV's Music Bank

100515 Super Junior - BOOM BOOM [live] && 100515 Super Junior - BONAMANA [live] @ MBC's Show! Music Core

Super Junior - Boom Boom (Comeback)(May 16, 2010) && Super Junior - BONAMANA (Comeback)(May 16, 2010) @ Inkigayo

Well, that's all for now.

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