A dreadful day
Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yesterday, wanted to blog but it was late.
So, will blog about it today.
Yesterday, was in MPR room what don't what program for whole school day.
Which meant air-con whole day.
The program ended at 1pm then we got dismissed.
Went for lunch with Casandra from 2/5 and my classmate.
Then blah blah, Xinyi came back from Science Centre and joined us.
Yuting and others were nowhere and they said they were going to Mac at my house area for lunch.
I was like... must tell? :/
Then, chatted with Xinyi and Casandra till 2.40pm then went to Comp Lab 3 for CCA.
During CCA, also got air-con!
Was feeling cold!
The instructor talked again but that time, we paid attention.
He talked about photoshop and whatever images.
Took a break then read the note the instructor gave to us to 'revise' as there will be test on the start of July.
Then about 5.30pm, we got dismissed then left the school and ran for the bus that just came.
Then, went home.

Today, got back the exam scripts.
Failed two subjects which are Literature and Geography.
The rest passed but got all Cs ):
NO As or Bs.
See how bad is that?!
Well, ending here.

Tags replies;
Yuting: relink you liao. (;
Okay (:
L.Ruiyi♥: Hey milkshake! Relink (:
Relinked (:
This day has taught me to change my time management.
I am not sure if i am able to do it.


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