Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, today was like a start of school days as i had five days of holiday.
Went on Learning Journey to Science Centre for PIXAR.
Woah, cool uh.
Saw 3D film and we need not to wear 3D glasses!
Walked around with Pearl then we were like wanna sleep, so we went to sit down and watched five short films again and again.
From 9plus till 12plus, then till 1pm, bus came to pick us up to school.
Reached school at 1.35pm then we dismissed.
Left school, then went to wait for bus then went home.
Reached home then changed into another set of clothes to go out to accompany my cousin to somewhere.
Helped cousin, looked at the map then blah blah then around 2plus, left the house.
Reached bus interchange and took 197.
The bus driver was like he don't even know where is Supreme Court, said need to walk very far.
Then, we were like he so rude.
We took the paper for the stops.
Took a look at it and found the stop we needed to alight.
We talked and talked about.. Forgot :P
Then when were about to reach our destination, we were looking around for the place then alighted.
It was right place and it took about nearly an hour.
We realised that we can actually take MRT to City Hall then walk there.
Went to look for entrance and entered.
Got police, then checked bag.
Then went up to third floor.
I was like wow, this supreme court is like eco-green.
The escalators are stopped and we thought spoiled but when we stepped onto it, it moved.
Nice one, first time see it (:
Then, went to translation room there cause cousin needs to translation the cert form Malay to English.
When, the Malay woman saw the cert, she talked about it.
LOL, then after that, left the place and went to City Hall MRT to go Bugis then went to food court but Japanese stall closed down, so went to eat at Bugis Junction.
Ate Salmon Rice at Yoshi-something.
Cousin only drank.
The rice was so much, that i was damn full!
After eating and drinking, went to MRT to train to Bedok then took bus.
Then, was about to reach home when my mother found me downstair and asked me to go Supermarket with her then went.
Then we saw mei and called out to her and she could not hear.
Then finally, she heard and came over to us.
We bought Teenage magazine and dinner for my mother.
After that, went home.
That's all, yeah.
It's night now, and internet is gonna be down soon.
So, have to off!


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