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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today was boring at school. Again.
In the morning, stayed in hall for like from 7plus till 9plus or 8plus till 10plus and my ass hurt!
Talked with classmates and others from other classes but not throughout in staying in hall.
Then around like 9plus or 10plus (cant remember), finally went back to classroom.
Then, one teacher who is 2/8's Math teacher, came in and talked about to write about PE.
Got the worksheets and wrote down, with some help from the teacher.
After like an hour when some of us finished, we went for recess.
Bought food from Italian stall though it is expensive.
I just want to eat it because it tastes yummy.
However, the portion is not enough ):
Well, worth it lor :P
During recess, chatted with Ruiyi, Xinyi, Yuting, Sheryl and Wendy.
After recess, went back to class and i thought there would be 2 hours of Mathematics but English teacher came in.
Realised that it had been cancelled and we have to come back for Math next week on 1st June!
English teacher gave the reflection worksheet then did it then read storybook.
Teacher read mine and said it's fine.
Phew, no need to rewrite.
Read till 12.55pm and the teacher dismissed us.
Woah, i thought at 2.10pm, would released us but, instead, it was 1pm!
Then left the classroom and went to walk around to think what to do.
Then saw Yuting's class came out and look for and finally found her.
Went with her to canteen with her classmates.
I could not go home yet because needed to return the Math textbook to Ruiyi.
And yes, i could not switch on my phone!
Second time already! And it will be the THIRD time i sending the phone to its 'hospital'.
After like 30 minutes, went to HI room and her classmates were in there with Huifurn.
We all chatted and talked.
Until Ruiyi came at 2.10pm and took her book back from me.
Then Yuting and i was about to leave when Wendy adn Sheryl came up.
Then we went off and left the school.
Went to bus stop and the weather was freaking hot!
Then bus came and took it and went home.
That's all.
Hmm, just came across that i missed Super Junior's comeback stage on 21st, 22nd and 23rd May! BONAMANA~
Just watched them on Youtube.

Super Junior - BONAMANA ( May,21,10 ) on Music Bank

Super Junior - BONAMANA ( May,22,10 ) on Music Core

Super Junior - BoNaMaNa ( May,23,10 ) on Inkigayo

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WinterBacker: =.= maple freaker
WinterBacker: im not stalker.. no worries =X
Me maple freaker?! Yes, i am -.-
Yuting: wah ice skating ! i wanna go leh!
HAHA, one day, we go together lor!


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