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Saturday, May 22, 2010

So, yesterday, did not blog as i came home late at night.
Yesterday, all Sec 2s went to Pasir Ris Park for Amazing Race.
Grouped with Pearl, Joy, Jessica, Roshini and other two.
We never complete all of them as no time.
Amazing Race was from 9plus to 10.30am.
Then, assemble at basketball court then waited then asked us to have our 'breakfast' and play around and must be back at 11.20am.
Then, 11.20am, went to take bus to head back to school.
Roshini lost her phone but was found by a teacher.
She was lucky.
Then headed back to school and went to HI room as teacher, Mrs Heng, wanted us to.
She never came at 12.30pm as she said she would come.
Instead, another teacher, Ms Lim, came.
Then we asked her what was it about then she talked then some not interested.
I am interested but i had to go.
Then Ms Lim let all of us to go as she would tell Mrs Heng to cancel that 'meeting'.
Then took bus with them, the usual ones.

Then went home.
Nobody at home.
Then used comp for awhile to transfer photos.
Then mother and father came back.
Then mei came back.
Took bath then we all got prepared then went out at 2plus or 3plus.
Bussed to interchange then trained to City Hall.
Walked to Supreme Court and went in.
Checked again, then was asked to put camera inside that small locker.
That place is strict lor.
Then, went up to third floor to collect something that is been translated from Malay to English, for my cousin.
After that, collected my camera and left Supreme Court.
Walked to MRT then trained to Raffles Place.
Went to eat at don't know what place.
Something like Toast Bread.
Ate peanut bread and drank chinese tea.
After we had finished eating, went off to my aunt's workplace.
Then my mother talked with her for awhile.
Then we went to photoshop, no, paper shop.
HAHA, i dont know what that shop called.
My mother needed to put plastic over the paper.
Then done, then walked around and went back to aunt's workplace.
Then she asked how to go Suntec City shopping mall by bus.
Then told us then we went off to that bus stop.
Took some pictures.
Reached bus stop then waited for 196.
196 came and we boared it.
Alighted at next two stops.
Then walked to cross the rod to Suntec City Mall.
Walked around.
Really, went to many shops and we even got lost our way.
Not really lah.
There are so many exits!
Bought chocolate then ate.
Then, walked around again.
Massages the legs, hehe.
Carrefour there.
Then was hungry then walked around to look for a shop to eat.
Then i saw Old Town White Coffee shop and it is hard to find in Singapore!
Then mother decided to eat there.
Went inside and ordered noodles.
Mei too.
Mother ordered Nasi Lemak.
Then waited, out drinks came first.
Black something Yogurt Drink!
Then food arrived.
Took a picture of it -
Look delicious, yeah!
Then ate it.
After finished, was damn full and have to drink yogurt slowly.
Then mei did not finished.
Wasted -.-
Mother finished hers.
Then settled the bill and left the place.
Brought my yogurt along.
Then mei decided to walk around again.
Then we went to 3rd level to look for Toy "R" Us.
But, we went to that nice shop which also include magic.
The woman, there, showed us magic and we were like shocked or surprised.
We tried to do, but we could not.
We asked her to teach us but she said must buy one then can teach us.
Mother thought what to buy.
She wanted to buy cards but expensive.
So, bought dice.
Then taught us.
Woah, we know how to do!
HEHEH, must practice more.
Ask me to show you if you got a chance :D
Then after spending like 30 minutes there, went off to Toy "R" Us, then looked around.
After that, left the place and walked pass by the poster stall and mei wanted to but Girls' Generation.
For her birthday presents by mother.
So expensive sia.
Then she chose the two posters which cost 15 bucks.
Actually, one poster is 10 bucks, but if you buy two, you pay 15 bucks only.
Waseh, just posters only, so expensive!
Then after buying, went off to first level and to taxi stand.
Took taxi back to home and reached there at 8.55pm.
Just in time to watch 'With You' at 9pm on Channel 8.
Nice show!
Then changed then watched then at 10pm, went to sleep.
That's all.

Today, woke up at 8.30am when im supposed to wake up at 9.30am.
Washed up then swept the floor then used comp for awhile while eating breakfast.
Used till 9.30am when cousin woke up.
She got bathe then i change clothes.
It was her turn to accompany me to my old primary school to collect something as i had accompanied her to Supreme Court for something last Tuesday.
Then left the house and went down.
Bus just came and ran for it.
Reached interchange and to MRT station to train to Aljunied.
Reached there and took 100 to school.
It rained abit.
Cousin shared umbrella with me and crossed the overhead bridge to school.
Reached there, and cousin waited outside while i go in.
Went in then looked for Mr Kumar but could not find then knocked on the door and he was there.
Then collected my thing and made payments.
Then left the school with cousin.
Took 62 back to MRT station then cousin bought food at Old Change Kee.
Me bought drink with her money.
Drank finished then went into MRT to train back to Bedok.
Then took bus and went home.
And here am i using computer.
Well, tomorrow is gonna be fun!
Hope so.

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phoebe: visiting. is the Pixar @ science ctr nice ???
Thanks and yep, it's awesome!
Yuting: dont be sad. i am sure you can do well in next papers (: JIAYOU !
Hope so ): Thanks and you jiayou too!

Oh yes, Happy Birthday to Celine Chur and Tolani Prerana! :D


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