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Friday, April 16, 2010

Alright, not having much time to use computer, so might as well, say that the school days are routine.
Everything same.
Nothing much happen.
And had Science Test today and i flunked it cause i did not know how to do ): !
Must study hard for Mid-Year Exams already.
Especially for main subjects which are English, Mathematics and Science (EMS)
Study study, no more playing now ):
Nvm, shall study hard and not to play anymore till exams are over.
I may not be able to blog for time being till don't know when cause of school and homeworks.
But, someday, will blog bit.
Okay, that's all.
And oh yes, i won #MapleSEA Twitter Contest :D !
My twitter name is evelynrachel, take a note!
Showing it here -
And im collecting the prize this Sunday!
Wanna know what is the prize? Check out that website stated before this.
Okayy, tomorrow's gonna be a busy day.
Need to wake up at 6plus in the morning to go to VJC for Canon-VJC Photography Expose III.
Then will be back in the afternoon.
Don't know what will i do, will blog tomorrow or Sunday.
Then, at around 5plus, need to go school then will go S'pore Swimming Club for photography duty.
It will be till ten!
Well, gonna love it :P
Anyway, shall stop here.
Will blog again tomorrow or Sunday.

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Ohkayy. Err, will give you when you and i are online (:


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