Friday, April 23, 2010

Yuting and i had same digits of numbers!

Well, today had 2.4km cross country and i failed ):
Last Monday, 19th, had NAPFA.
Got 2As, 1B, 1E and 1F.
Bad uh.
But, at least, better than last year's result.
My long jump sucks, cant jump far far lah >:(
Well, forget it.
Just have nothing to blog about.
Oh yes, that day, when i got home, i found out that i won again in #MapleSEA Twitter Contest Week 3!
You check it out at http://maple.playpark.net/news_events/view/maplesea_twitter_contest_winners_-_week_3/
Gonna post the picture for it.
And, again, in same position (3rd one).
Then, on Tuesday, after school, went to meet mother at Tampines to go Asiasoft to collect prizes.
Went there and collected TWO large orange mushroom plushies!
Actually, only collect one since another one was still early but since, i was there, so collected two! :D
Gave one to mei and one to myself (: (:
And, yes, got back the science test paper last Wednesday, 21st Arpil.
Did i mention i had class test last Friday, 16th April?
Yes, i did.
I thought i was gonna fail but i passed (:!
Phew phew, haha.
Okay, had math test today.
Hope to pass it uh!
Hmm, what to talk now?
Exams are coming soon next Friday!
So, have to studyyyyy!!!

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