Shadow Souls
Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well, yesterday, went to my one of group members, Roshini's, house for literature drama project.
Joy cut her hair, nicer :D!
Hmm, went with all of the members except Jean.
We painted something, then practiced.
When 7pm, we left the house.
Roshini leaded Jessica to the bus stop, so Joy and i shared an umbrella to go another way.
Then, when reaching school, i thought of going to another bus stop to take 17.
Ran under the rain, without an umbrella, while Joy went home with her umbrella.
Kept running till reached the bus stop and i was soaked for the first time on the start of 2010.
Bus just came, and boarded it.
Then went home, whew.
Mother did not scold me for being drenched.
Okay, today -
This morning, woke up at 9am, then ate then used comp for awhile then went out to library at 10am.
Reached there by bus.
Returned the books and i don't want to return the The Vampire Diaries: The Return - Nightfall as i have borrowed it for 1 month but have to return ):
Am waiting for second installment of The Vampire Diaries: The Return which is Shadow Souls.
Wanted to reserved but i thought of waiting till June Holidays then reserved.
Then went to third floor of library to find Summer Camp Secrets/Camp Confidential.
However, to my surprise, they got lesser than last time i went to library.
There were about like 7 books and the last time was about 20 books.
Could not find the book i want ):
Then went to first level, and find another book but could not find as it is on loan.
Then you know what?
Met Celine !
Well, not surprised lah as i expected to find her in library.
She collected the books she reserved.
Then we two chatted and find the books.
Blah blah till 11plus, we decided to go off.
Went to bus interchange together.
Bus came and i goodbye-ed her and rushed off to board the bus.
Hope to see her nest Sunday uh!
Reached home then used computer.
Around 2plus, mother came back from work and stopped using comp.
Then mei and i got prepared by taking bath and we kept laughing.
It has been a long time since we last laugh together alot.
After taking bath, we don't know did what.
Mother was busy doing something and housework.
Father went to gym.
Around 5plus, everyone got ready.
Then went out and hired taxi to go Singapore Expo.
The taxi driver heard wrongly and thought go to Changi Airport.
But, luckily, we knew it and told the taxi driver properly.
Then reached Expo and got off.
Went inside and first, went into furniture show at Hall 5, i think, cant remember.
Walked around and saw nice sofas.
Too bad, too expensive to buy.
After walking around for what seemed like half an hour, went out and went into IT show whoch also meant Megatrex at Hall 4B.
Walked around the place then mother bought phone.
Then, we saw like some hosts talking on the stage.
Pornsak came up and i used my mother's phone to take picture of him.
Then used the phone to connect to wireless network and went to mobile twitter to tweet (:
Bought headphone, finally.
After what seemed like an hour and after bought things, mei got moody cause she got nothing for herself and she wanted a laptop which was insane because she is too young to have one.
Then blah blah, saw 3D laptop, wow.
You know how much does it cost?
Nearly 2k!
Well, move on.
Left the hall and went to another hall.
Went to Mega Sale at Hall 4 or Hall 3, i forgot.
When wanted to buy and father saw the long queue, he said dont buy but we insisted that we buy.
We queue up another queue and it was fast.
Bought staffs and went outside to go eat.
Ate chicken rice.
The rest too.
After eating, went to another hall where got the books.
Parents waited outside and ate tibits.
Mei and i went around and see books.
Went outside and told mother that we wanted to buy books.
Father gave us 10 bucks each, then went inside again.
Took the New Moon illustrated book (:
Mei did not know what to buy and i told her that we just shared the book and she agreed that she needed not to buy.
Went to the counter and paid then left the hall.
Went outside to parents then we went to taxi stand and got in the taxi.
Reached home at around 8plus or 9plus.
Then changed then don't did what then slept.
That's all (: (:


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