Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay, as i said that i will update that previous post but i did not cause did not use computer last night.
Yesterday, after blogging, played Maple for awhile then the sky was overcasting.
The weather is unpredictable nowadays.
Then it was raining cats and dogs with the quite strong wind and i got scared by it as i was alone home.
Switched off the computer then went to take bath at 4plus.
Took bath then after bath, saw that mei had come home.
Used computer for awhile to check Yahoo! News.
Mei said she saw a bus stop being damage when on the way to home.
And it was on the Yahoo! News.
SBS bus rams into bus stop at Eunos Link, 21 injured.
When it was 5pm, switched off the comp, then changed into another clothes (jean and CCA shirt).
Then around 5.15pm, left the house then went down then took a long way to the bus stop as it was raining.
Met my mother on the way, then talked for awhile then went to the bus stop.
Saw the bus went off.
Then waited and got impatient cause i was gonna be late.
Then the bus finally came but it went slow cause people boarding and alighting.
Then finally reached school, at bus stop, smsing then used the bag to shield myself from rain.
Ran into the school and saw Sheryl and others.
When i reached them, you know what?
I SLIPPED AND FALL! For the first time in my entire life, i think so?
The other people, the black men, saw it too.
Then i laughed while on the floor.
The others laughed along with me.
Phew, did not hurt myself.
Then, got up, with help from them.
Sat on the bench, Bever-leigh decided to play Truth or Dare.
We four played but it was boring.
Then stopped playing.
Ms Chia was late cause of traffic jam.
Then got teacher, Ms Tan(i think so), asked us to get into the bus.
The choir girls also came along.
Then bussed to the Singapore Swimming Club.
Bever-leigh and Clarissa went to Ms Chia to collect cameras and video cam.
Sheryl and i waited inside.
Then they finally came.
Set up the video cam.
Then blah blah, saw teachers too.
All from Canossian Schools like CCPS, CSH, SACPS, SACSS and some more i don't know.
Principals too.
Okay, shall skip it till 7plus.
7plus, people got ready, in their tables.
Took pictures.
Sheryl took care of video cam.
The rest, cameras.
Wow, shall skip of what did i take pictures.
Then around 8plus, someone gave dinner boxes for us to eat.
Took a break and went outside to eat.
Veggie and chicken.
So much rice that i could not finish.
When the performance started, we got back to work, leaving our dinner boxes one side.
Then blah blah, till 10plus.
During performance, used Sheryl to smsed Yuting.
Ms Chia was gonna fetch us, so we packed up.
Sheryl's mother came by surprised.
Then we finished packed up then took our dinner boxes.
Then we left the ballroom.
While waiting for Ms Chia to come, Sheryl's mother said 'Ms Chia' as 'Mr Chua' then we laughed and corrected her.
Ms Chia came and Bever-leigh, Clarissa and i got in.
Sheryl's mother told Ms Chia that she would fetch Sheryl home.
Then bid goodbye to Sheryl, her mother and her sister.
Then told Ms Chia to fetch me home first as Bever-leigh and Clarissa were like talking who to go home first.
Told her the address and the directions.
Finally, reached my flat then bid goodbyes to them.
Went up to my home sweet home.
Saw cousins still awake. Mei too.
Mother asleep.
Then changed into home clothes then brushed teeth then used psp for awhile then sleep.
Wow, now it's 10.13am and i should be going to library by now.
Will blog about today in next post or in this post.


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