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Sunday, April 18, 2010

After blogging, switched off the computer.
Father gave me and my sister 10 bucks to buy breakfast.
My sister dont want to eat and i was angry then dont want to eat breakfast.
Went off to library and mei IS SOO LAZY to go and i was angry again!
When can she stop being lazy?!?!?
Walked to Bedok Interchange then went into library.
Could not find the books i want ):
Kept looking for something and i could not find again.
Then i went anyhow to borrow.
Borrowed 5 books, then left the library at 11plus.
Was feeling weak as i did not eat but i heck care.
Took bus to go home.
Reached home at 12.
Used computer for awhile to put photos.
Lazy to upload photos here ): Will upload when feel like.
Around 1plus, got prepared to go out.
Mei and i left the house and ran for the bus.
My shoes came off and i had to run on one bear foot.
Boarded the bus, then reached Bus Inter.
Went to MRT to Tanah Merah to meet mother.
Reached there and mei called mother and she was there.
Took MRT to Tampines then reached there.
Went to look for building for Asiasoft to collect my prize.
Found it and entered it and went up to fourth level.
Saw that it was closed and i decided to check my mail.
Used mother's phone to connect wireless internet and access my Yahoo mail.
Realised that it was only open from Monday to Friday.
So much for my happiness ):
Then, went to Food Court at Tampines Mall and ate Japanese noodles.
After eating, was damn full.
Went to Bread Talk and bought breads.
Then walked around and mei decided to buy chocolate form Chocolate World.
Bought it then ate it.
Mother went to massage her legs for free, haha.
After massaging, went to leave Tm then went to MRT to train back to Bedok.
Reached Bedok Inter and went to Bedok Central.
Mei bought the bling for phone.
Waste money lah -.-
Then we walked to Bedok South.
Halfway, my little toes hurt, so we sat on the bench.
Mother suggested that i took off the shoes and walked on bare feet with socks on.
So, i listened to her and did that.
Much better (:
Then we all walked to cousin's house.
Reached there and went in.
Went up, and entered the house.
Cousin's sister came too.
Saw the little baby, so cute and small!
Then sat on the bed and kept looking at him, with mei and mother.
Did that for don't know how long.
Then drank something.
Then blah blah, took video and pictures.
Then baby woke up then drank milk.
Then went back to sleep.
Blah blah, then left the house and headed home by taxi.
On the way, it was raining.
You see, In afternoon, it's damn hot sunny then in evening, it's quite cold raining.
Now, i think we can 'predict', hor?
Speaking of 'predict', i came across the news on Yahoo! that toads can predict earthquake.
Cool uh, check it out at here or here.
Okay, back to the topic.
Reached home at 7.
Then switched on the TV to watch Satr Awards 2010.
That little girl, Lin Yongyi, has won Young Talent Award as i want her to :D
She reminds me of when mei was younger.
She looked like her then.
Then, took bath, then watched again.
Nice uh, that colourful hairs show.
Then needed to use computer to print out something for art.
Printed out and here am i blogging.
Well, need to stop by now.
I may not blog often as MYE is coming soon ):


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