Long day...
Saturday, April 17, 2010

Well, this morning, woke up at 6plus by mother and i thought it was Friday.
But i realised it's Saturday and have to go Victoria Junior College (VJC) for photography workshop.
Washed up then ate bit of breakfast cause bit spicy.
Changed into uniform then left the house.
At bedok interchange, i just switch on the phone and it was too late.
It was too late to bring pencil and notebook, LOL.
Then asked mother to bring but she needed to take bath so nevermind lor.
Went to opposite bus stop outside MRT station at Bus Stop Central B.
Bus 31 came but did not take it as it was early.
Waited for 10 minutes then another 31 came and boarded it.
Looking around for Neptune Court cause VJC is near that.
Then about 10 minutes later, dropped off at bus stop at Neptune Court then followed one VJC student to go VJC :P
Met one girl from DMC and we two waited for someone whom we know to come.
Then, Hannah, Grace and Nicole came together by car.
Then we all walked to see something in VJC.
Got one person asked us to go Registration there and it was still early.
Waited till Mr Chua came.
Then registration got done and more people came.
Went to collect the papers about like Programme Timeline and more.
Mr Ng came, also. But Ms Chia did not come.
Then the instructor, Mr Yeo, also came and i realised that he was going to talk about Photography for workshop.
After that, went into Performance Theatre and it is cold.
Sat together in one row.
We were the first one to enter then waited for all the people from other schools like Primary, Secondary and JC schools.
While waiting, watched videos.
Canon :D
When all finally arrived, the spokengirl spoke something then Mr Bob Lee came up to the stage to talk about Photography for workshop.
Nice, especially the photos he taken.
He even took of actors and actress as he is a photojournalist in "My Paper" for Singapore, of course. Cool!
Then after what seemed like an hour plus, it was a break time and lucky draw too.
One girl from primary school won, then after that, i went to toilet.
After that, went to take a look at cheerleading.
Cool uh but can cause pain de.
Some almost fell down.
Then after that, went back into PT.
Mr Yeo was next to talk about Photography for workshop.
Then was cold but no jacket, so had to bear with it.
Some fell asleep, lol.
I mean only like 3-5 people.
Mr Yeo showed great videos he made.
I wonder how to do them and i want to learn lah ):
After what seemed like an hour plus (again), lucky draw again and that time was two people.
The winner won Canon bags!
I want that ): !!!
After that, wrote the feedback paper then passed it up.
Then, went out of the PT and went to refreshment and ate food.
After eating, went to that Printing A4 photo there and decided to print out the family photo since i brought the camera and got coupon.
Printed it out then Nicole, Hannah, Grace and i left the school and walked to bus stop.
At the bus stop, i realised that can actually take, buses 16, 196 and 197 to VJC from Bedok Interchange lah.
Bus 31 came and Hannah, Grace and i boarded it.
Nicole took another bus.
Grace dropped off first then me dropped off at Bedok MRT station.
Wait, on the way to Bedok MRT station, i saw a car being crash into like pole.
Walked to Interchange then ran to the bus which had just came.
Boarded it then reached home at 12plus.
Actually, i wanna sleep now but i am afraid that i might be late for CIP duty this evening.
Now, it's 2.35pm and it's still early.
Okay, will update this post again about tonight's duty.
Seeya at this post again!


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