Sunday, April 11, 2010

Okay, today was like a shocking.
This morning, did not go library as needed to go out in afternoon.
A long-time friend from my primary school, contacted me via Facebook chat.
Said she needed to come my house and used bathroom.
And i allowed, without my parents' permission.
She came here at around 11plus, took bath, ate bread.
Lent her my clothes and spared phone.
Hope she return soon uh.
Am so worried she might not ):
Then we two went off and went separate ways.
Saw she went with one friend to take cab.
Me went to take bus to go station.
MRT-ed to City Hall and went to look for Yuting.
Was an hour late!
Ate nugget 4.50.
After eating, went back to MRT to look for Sheryl.
She came and scared us.
Her sister came along.
Took MRT to Marina Bay.
Alighted at Marina Bay and went outside.
The weather was damn hot.
Took some pictures.
Then walked walked walked.
Then walked back to MRT station to ask how to go Marina Barrage.
Then walked again to one bus stop and boarded the shutter bus to go Marina Barrage.
Reached there, then took some pictures.
Then blah blah.
Wanted to buy drinks from there but expensive.
Drank water cooler from there.
Toilet then went up to big and high place.
Took some pictures there too and some people were either having picnic or flying kites.
Then was very hot and decided to take shelter.
Went to 2nd level, and don't know did what and went to 1st level to look for Yuting.
At waterplay.
Took some pictures.
Then, was very thirsty and we could not find some drinks, so we walked to the man who sells ice-cream and drinks.
Bought drinks and drank thirstily.
Then Yuting needed toilet then, walked back.
She nearly reached toilet when got one man said cannot enter and got something happened there.
Then we went to another toilet.
Was waiting outside when i heard fire engine siren.
It was very loud and shocking!
It drove to that toilet there.
I was like huh, got fire there meh?
Then dun care, i signed something on the book.
Yuting too.
Then we went to there to see what was going on but could not get to see.
Then went to air-con place to look for Sheryl.
Found her and her sister.
Then took some pictures and sent to my mail.
After that, we went outside, then decided to go back.
Walked back to the bus stop and boarded the shutter bus.
Waited till the driver got in and brought us back to MRT station.
Reached there, and went to take MRT.
Yuting and i dropped off at City Hall while Sheryl and her sis stayed in MRT.
Then Yuting and i went different ways.
Boarded the MRT to bedok.
Reached bedok and took bus, back home.
When reached home, got lectured by mother about my friend being here in the morning.
And now, im scared that she will not return anything that are my things, to me ):

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