Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey there!
Today's Good Friday, so no school :D
Hmm, what have i been doing for past few days?
School, duh!
HAHA, okay, on last Monday, 29th March -
LifeArt as first lesson and quite boring as usual.
After LifeArt, had recess with Yuting and she wanted to submit the photos to Ms Chia, so we went to ArtRoom and submitted.
Actually, it was already due the day before on Sunday, but she still tried to submit and see whether the judgement will accept.
When submitted, went back to classroom as the bell had rung, signaling recess had ended.
Had Mathematics, went through 3.4.
English, went through formal letters.
Gonna have two tests of Math and English on Thursday.
After English, dimissed, then went to usual place and waited for friends and got ex-seniors came.
Chatted, then went to bus stop then went home.
On Tuesday, 30th -
Mother Tongue and the teacher came in for awhile to ask us whether we want to practice or not.
Then Ruiyi and i said no problem then she went off to staff room, left us to do our own things (:
Readings and chattings.
Then History, the same teacher as last week, i think she is Mrs Lok, im not wrong.
Went through Chapter 5, i think, or 4.
Then recess, met Yuting and chatted.
English, went through formal letters again.
Lifeskill, went to sunken foyer and were asked to form a group of six.
Pearl, Joy, Jessica, Jean, Roshini and i grouped.
Then we needed to do like drama.
We did Little Red Riding Hoo.
I played Grandma, LOL.
We changed bit of it too.
When all the group had practiced, we played in front of the audience who are our classmates.
After Lifeskill, had Assembly in the hall.
Vice-principal was talking about not to give up.
Then assembly finished earlier then went to the classroom and had free period.
When 2.10pm, dismissed then went to usual place to wait for friends.
Then forgot the rest.
Well, nevermind, move on to Wednesday, 31th -
Had Science as first lesson, went through chapter 12 about what something that i don't seem to understand :/
After Science, had Drama and went to Dance Studio.
Requested to change group but teacher don't allow ):
Then i just sat with my group members, and listened to them.
After Drama, had PE.
Were asked to run 3 rounds around basketball court.
Then 2.4km.
Ran with Pearl then we only failed by few seconds.
ARGH ! But at least, it is better than last's 2.4km test and retest.
After 2.4km, went to the hall to practice for Napfa.
After Napfa practice, i realised that i lost my purple bracelet ):
Went to look for it frantically, and Mansura helped to look for it but to no avail ):
So, went to HI room with her then don't know did what but chatted.
Recess ended, then went back to classroom for VE S2.
It was like free period, people talking till Dance.
Borrowed umbrella from Xinyi, then learnt new dance moves and the last part was hard cause at fast speed.
After Dance, teacher dismissed us at 2pm.
Then, my Literature group members and i went to the roof top, and practice the drama thingy.
We ended practicing at 2.30pm, then i went to HI room.
Went there and Wendy told me that Yuting got sent home cause she got fever.
I was like, counting how many days of not going to see her.
Five days and i hoped that she would be coming the next day.
Then, went to canteen and chatted with Ruiyi, then was bored, so went back to HI room.
2.55pm, went to Art Room with Xinyi and realised that we needed to go Comp Lab 3.
Went there and inside, found place to sit.
Then sat on the floor, then the same instructor talked about photography again.
Sheryl, Wendy and HI sec 1s, kept talking till i got involved in talking.
Needed to concentrate cause ms chia would be watching us.
Then, when some went to take photos, i went to read book, while Wendy and Sheryl played comp.
After what seemed like an hour, the instructor lent Wendy, Sheryl and i the camera to take some photos with shutter speed and aperture.
We went to the hall, and the teacher tried to take photos of us and we hid, LOL
We did not take photos much, only two.
Then went back to comp lab.
Did nothing but reading, then were asked to sit on the floor again.
Instructor showed us all of the photos except my group's.
Then after showing the photos, got this president of CCA, talked about workshop at VJC on 17th Arpil.
Then she left her number for those who want to go there.
I want to go :D !
After that, got dismissed, then we smsed president of CCa.
Then left school, Sheryl, Wendy, Xinyi and i walked to bubbletea shop.
Sheryl bought oreo bubbletea and i bought strawberry yogurt while Wendy bought waffle.
Xinyi did not buy as she spent her money in school already.
After buying, i decided to walk home.
Then, Wendy, Xinyi, Sheryl and i walked and talked.
It was raining abit, then used Xinyi's umbrella and shared.
Xinyi went home with her umbrella as she reacher her flat.
Used my umbrella and shared with Sheryl.
Wendy was walking behind us, busy drinking Sheryl's bubbletea.
Took some pictures but they are blur and not nice !
Then, reached one bus stop just before mine, they decided to stop there as it was already rain.
From there, i walk home under rain, well, it's a nevermind.
Then reached home.
Yesterday, on Thrusday, 1st April -
April's Fool Day !
Had Mother tongue as first lesson, the teacher came in to teach Ruiyi and i English.
Mathematics, had test paper.
Recess, was damn bored, went to HI room and chatted with Sheryl for awhile and she was also bored as Wendy did not come to school like Yuting.
Both got fever, hais!
Then teacher came in to teach Sheryl.
Went to one side and slept for awhile.
After recess, went back to classroom and realised that i was late for Geography class!
First time like that lah.
Had Geography test paper.
After test, went through Plantation agriculture.
English was next, and had test paper.
Three tests a day, you know!
I had never had like that before.
Then Science, teacher gave us chocolate.
During halfway lesson, when teacher went to the back of the class, my classmate took the box of chocolate to fool him.
They kept giggling then burst out laughter.
Then teacher saw it was missing and ask for it.
When he wasn't looking, they threw the box on the table behind his back, LOL.
Hmm, went through the workbook and said that my class is slow, compared to 2/5.
It must be our playfulness.
Science ended, then went to usual place to look for Sheryl.
Then went home by bus.
Hmm, that's all.
Oh yes, got fooled once but did not fall for it :P
Okay, byeeee !


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