Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hey, man!
Been busy nowadays.
Projects and test!
Exams are next!
Well, on Monday (5th April) and Tuesday -
Nothing much as lesson were usual.
Wednesday -
Passed the practiced 2.4km during PE (: Had CCA after school and was supposed to be on duty. But someone took over as she wasn't supposed. Well, don't mind lor. Got another competition that we needed to take some pictures.
Thursday and Friday -
Stayed back after school on Thursday for Literature Drama GA. Friday, nothing as much. Oh yes, got back the Math test paper and i passed! Got A1 :D!
Today -
Went to Bugis with Mother and mei. Did nothing as much there.
Tomorrow, need to go Marina Bay with Yuting to take some photos. Sheryl - not sure whether she is tagging along.
Well, stop for now.

Tag replies;
Yuting: hey I'm here yeah :D it been age i last tagged yours :D
Yeah uhuh, tag more!


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