Yesterday is yesterday
Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, school as usual today .
Went to school at the same time .
Then 7plus, morning assembly .
Had Mother Tongue next, went to HI room .
A teacher came in, and i realised that he was supposed to teach us Math .
Then he taught us some Math .
Then blah blah, till Mother Tongue was over .
Next was Mathematics lesson, got the paper back .
Hmm, passed (:
Got 77.5% for it, and that's was second time i got for A1 :D :D
The last time was Sec 1 EOY .
Gonna work harder for this year's MYE Mathematics .
Gone through the papers and there were some careless mistakes :( !
Had not been for careless mistakes, i would have scored 80 % .
Aiya, too late .
After Math, had History .
The teacher seemed to be in good mood today as he never scold us at all .
Instead, he laughed along with my class .
After History, had recess, and went to look for Ruiyi in canteen to ask for her mark but she did not get back the paper .
Then went to HI room to do reading .
After recess, had Science and got back the test paper .
Hmm, not happy with it as i got 70% for it :(
Got the answer paper and went through it .
After that, chatted for awhile then teacher said got project for us .
Wahh :(
Then he called index number 1 - 10 to come up to the front as they will be the leaders for each group .
Index number 4 did not know who to pick for her team then teacher chose for her .
I was chosen, hell !
I wanted to be in Joy's group and she called me but it was too late :(
Sadsad lahh .
Then teacher said cannot change already .
Hmphs !
After Science lesson, supposed to have Assembly but there was no assembly .
Then co-form teacher came in then blah blah .
We all chatted till 2pm .
Then got dismissed at 2.10pm .
Went to meet Yuting and Wendy at usual place .
Then went to bus stop with Mansura .
Bus came and we were all able to get in .
Then went to Bedok Inter .
Wendy, Yuting and i went to hawker center .
Yuting bought nasi lemak and Wendy bought ..., i cannot remember .
I bought pineapple juice .
Then drank till i was full !
When they had finished, went to Bedok library without Wendy as she wanted to go home .
Went inside and looked for the book but could not find .
Went up to 3rd level and looked for the books and, again, could not find :( !
Then we chatted then went down to 1st level .
Yuting helped me to look for the book i wanted and she found it (: !
Then went to collect my reserved book .
Collected then went to borrow the books .
Then went out of the library .
Took two pictures in front of the mirrors (:
Then we walked till MRT station and we went separated ways .
Went back to wait for my mother then she came after 10 minutes .
Topped up my ez-link card then took bus back home .
Reached home and asked mei what did she borrowed .
She borrowed the book that i have been looking/waiting for 2 weeks !
Hmph !
Well, at least, she borrowed it in case other people borrow it .
Did art colourings then used computer .
Blogging till here !
Past is past,
All's in the past,
What had happened,
And we could not change it,
But we can change the future,
If we change our plans .


Evelyn Lee.

I just want to blog as how I have been blogging in the past. I just want to write about happiness. I just want to write about my love for photography.
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