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Thursday, March 11, 2010

HIII, yesterday, did not blog as i had no time for computer .
Yesterday morning, it finally rained for the first time in a long time :D !
Went to school then blah blah .
Had Mother Tongue as first lesson .
Went to HI room but got people inside -.-
So went outside the library and saw Ruiyi .
Waited for the teacher to come then she came .
She gave us few questions to do .
After Mother Tongue, went back to classroom then went to the hall for PE .
Teacher made us run outside the hall, not inside !
We ran up and down and it was four rounds !
After that, warm up then spilt into groups and teacher asked to ran and hop up the flight of staircase which is not long lah .
After that, warm up again then got dismissed .
Went to HI room for air-con and they said i smelled stink .
So, i left the room and went to canteen to buy drink then went up to 4th level to usual place to meet group member for dance practice .
Practiced till recess ended then went back to classroom and had VE S2, which became free period .
Then, all of us went to theater to practice dance .
After that, went to MPR for Dance lesson .
Practiced again then graded assignment .
Quite nervous .
Other groups danced then blah blah, then our turn .
During the Dance, Jessica looked pale and looked wanted to faint .
Then after dancing, she was okay .
Maybe, she was more nervous .
Then all the other group danced .
Only two were halfway then stopped .
Blah blah, after dance, went back to classroom and had Mathematics .
Don't know what we did , LOL .
Then we got dismissed 5 minutes earlier .
Walked pass by 2/1 class and decided to ask Yuting something .
After asking, her form teacher caught and warned me -.-
She said that 2/1 complained about me being distract .
Well, i did not talk to Yuting during their having lesson, kay !
I only talked to them when they no lesson -.- !
Fine, then, i went off to HI room and thought that i would never pass by that class again !
Never ever !
Went to canteen and sat down and read book until Ruiyi came .
Then she bought food and chatted with her till Yuting came .
Bought noodles or what doodles, Yuting said one .
Ate it then finished then went to HI room then chatted .
Then 3pm, went to Art room for CCA .
Then Ms Chia asked to go comp lab 3 .
Went there then sat on the floor to listen to the instructor again .
Yuting kept pestering me for the answer and Wendy asked her .
I really don't know yet, sorry .
Then the talking ended at about 5pm then Ms Chia talked about competition .
I want to take part but how ?
Then we all watched video about photography .
Then stopped at 5.30pm then we all went back to Art room .
Talked till 5.50pm, then dismissed at 6 .
Left the room then the school .
We all walked to another bus stop then waited for the bus .
Bus arrived and we managed to get in .
Reached my stop there .
Met my mother and mei .
Mei asked to switch the rubber band then switched .
Saw Foo Ping at the bus stop too, i thought she went to bus interchange .
Well, went home with mother then took bath .
Did homework then blah blah .
Then slept .

Today -
English as first lesson, went through the worksheets that she had given us last lesson when she was not in .
Then Mother Tongue, went to HI room but got people inside .
Then went to talked to my classmates outside then went into HI room as it was cleared .
My classmates also came in .
Then Ruiyi came .
We all talked as teacher have not come yet .
Talked till recess .
Went to canteen and waited for friends .
Then they came as we chatted .
Then Pricilla passed me the classroom key as she and her friends were going up late .
Yuting and i don't know see what technology thingy .
Then, i had to go back to classroom then went back and saw people outside classroom already .
Unlocked the classroom then left the locker on vice-chairperson's table .
Then took stuff and went to Music room for Drama .
When half of the class gathered, we played some games .
Like catching ball to not let it fall and did some drama .
After drama, had Science and teacher was not in again .
Same teacher took over and asked to show her the poster for project .
My group leader was absent and we could not pass it up !
Then we got the worksheet to answer the questions during gallery walk .
After that, passed up the worksheet then were given another one for reflection .
Wrote anyhow then passed it up .
Had Math lesson next .
Got re-test for those who failed their math common test .
Did my homework for holiday and i was stuck at one question .
So stupid of me .
After they had re-test, teacher asked us to form a group of four .
Jessica, Joy, Pearl, Roshini and i - all 5 together then Jessica went to join another group .
It was like a game .
Had to solve the whatever equations then can get another paper then solve then blah blah till we go nine .
Jessica's group got finished fast that they could dismissed earlier .
My group finished at 2 then dismissed .
Wee ~ 10 minute earlier :D
Then went to usual place to wait for them .
They came in 10 minutes then went to bus stop and ran for the bus .
Then dropped off at my stop .
Went home and that's all .

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Oh, thanks (:
More troubles coming my way,
And it sucks .
Yeah, i suck .
You know it,
And you don't dare to tell it to my face .
Suckers suck suck


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