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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HIHI, back from bath and dinner, also back from school about 1 hour ago .
Today, usual usual things lah .
Mother Tongue, did maths questions which were given by the teachers .
Mathematics, did chapter 6.4 .
Hard :( :(
History, got back the test paper and did very badly for it .
Failed it, of course .
During history lesson, i told Pearl a joke and she laughed hard :D
Recess, went to HI room as usual, alone and read storybook .
Science, went to Bio/Sci lab for practical test .
Everyone had to do alone .
I did not know what to do, so i did and answer anyhow .
After Science, had lunch and went to canteen to look for friends .
Found them and chatted with them and went to sunken foyer to wait for all the Sec 2s to gather .
When all of them gathered, got into our classes, then took bus to Changi Airport .
Sat with Pearl in the bus, and it took about 10-20 minutes to reach there .
Got off the bus and went into Terminal 3 and got into groups .
Pearl and i were in different group .
Got into my group then we went to the station and did some problems .
I think my group got first one to finish .
Then waited for others to finish then we moved on to next station .
Copied copied -.-
Cause was afraid that my working and answer might be wrong .
Throughout all the stations, my group members argued with the teachers/instructors about measurements .
We all had finished at about 4 plus, then went to find the place to sit down and do the surveys .
After like 15 minutes, went to take the bus and got back to school .
We were the first to reach there :P
Waited for Yuting, Sheryl, Wendy and Ruiyi to come so that can go with them to bus stop .
They came then blah blah, then went to bus stop .
Bus came but could not get in, so we went to another bus stop, and waited .
Bus came, full again but managed to get in .
Then reached home, bath, ate dinner and computer-ing .
That's all :P


Evelyn Lee.

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