Rain ftw
Friday, March 19, 2010

Okay, today in the morning, played Maple :D
Addicted to it :P
Then about 1plus, mother SMSed me to go to Bedok Center to meet her .
Stopped mapling and switched off the computer and got ready to go out .
Went to Bedok and met mother and mei .
Went to library to return books .
Then went back to hawker center and mother bought chicken rice for me (:
Ate finished then mother finished her duck rice .
Mei ate only red bean soup .
Then after that, went to MRT station to go to Tampines .
Reached Tampines and went to Tampines Mall .
Went to Popular to buy stuffs .
After buying things, went to Century Square to buy stuffs for hair .
Then after that, went back to Tampines Mall to buy Hot & Spicy Shaker Fries .
Went to walk around near the bus interchange while eating shaker fries .
After shaker fries, mother bought breads to bring home .
Then went to Tampines 1 .
Mei and i seeing things and went to take a look at Frolicks .
Decided to go there with my friends .
Then after that, went to MRT to train to Bedok then took taxi to go home .
Not yet home, went to take mei's new spec .
So nerdy !
More nerder than me !
Hers is black thick frame !
Well, after taking her spec, i ran to take a look that that burned house at the back of the flat .
It was more blackish then the front one .
From 12th to 7th, got affected but the front one, from 9th to 7th got affected .
Of course, 7th storey was where the fire took place .
Then mother decided to go to that 7th storey .
Went there then saw the celling was already been repainted .
Only celling, not the wall on the front that can be seen from downstair .
Then went back to home .
Was tired and took bath .
The water was damn cold and it damaged my hair !
After bath, ate bread then don't know did what .
And here am i using computer lor .
Now, it's 9.12pm .
It felt like 10pm already and gotten to sleep later on .
Okay, tags replying .

Tags replies;
YUTING♥: shall take more photos next time :D:D:D:D
Yeah, SPAM my folder of 2010, kay :D !
Ruilin: Wow you took so many photos~you three same CCA? :d
Ruilin: :D
Four of us, yeah (:
Rain for the win (:
It is better to rain nowadays,
Cause last month was the driest month
Ever recorded in Singapore .


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