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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Okay, just played Maple Story and i totally forgot to blog about yesterday :/
Well, from that previous post, went for CCA in the afternoon (yesterday) .
Before going to the bus stop, went to that 7th floor to take a look and got people there so cant take photos .
Saw that the house was in chaos, all in black black .
Then left the place and quickly rush to the bus stop and missed the bus .
Wait for another bus and it came .
Board it and Yuting was inside .
Then reached school at 1.35pm .
Five minutes late .
Then went to Art room .
Had whatever that food which is for Chinese New Year cause sec 4s are steeping down .
Sec 3s prepared cakes and snacks for us .
After an hour of food, used my camera to take some photos (:
Then we all went to the field to play splat or spat or whatever and captain ball .
Wonder if we went for CCA just to play sports or learn photography .
Supposed to dismiss at 4pm but we were all dismissd at 4.45pm cause we kept playing .
Then went to the bus stop and Wendy was nowhere .
Took bus with Yuting and dropped off at my stop .
Then went home and took bath .
Don't know did what and Ryan came with his mother :D
Then ate dinner .
Around 8plus, went downstair and mother bought the Lianhe Wanbao newspaper which is night newspaper .
My mother saw the fire news in it .
And that happened yesterday, 17th .
Which means that's ours lah .
She read the cause and said that nobody was at home .
The cause was that air-con fan thingy .
Someone thought that someone threw cigarette and landed on that air-con fan thingy .
And that was how that caught the fire .
Wonder where were the owners of that house .
I wanted to read English but needed to wait till today .
Hmm, went to Supermarket ad bought stuffs .
Then went home than blah blah .
Stop till here about yesterday .
Okay, today, mother took that The New Paper .
And that fire news appeared in it with no details at all -.- !
Nvm, blah blah .
Shall continue with my Mapling and tags replying .
Oh yes, i've got some photos to upload (: ! -
(above) Chaos at my block .

(all of them below) Taken during CCA (;

Tags replies;
ruilin: tagged! :D
Thanks (:
YUTING♥: dont forget to send me today's and monday photos :D
Sent :D
Ruilin: wah! So early in the morning!~:D
Ruilin: :D
Haha, yeahh (:


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