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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hey there :D !
Yesterday, did not blog as was too tired to use computer .
Okay, about yesterday -
Morning assembly as usual then had English lesson .
Before that, co-form teacher told us that we supposed to have Health Check the day before yesterday, during PE lesson and we all groaned .
Hmm, during English lesson, got back the graded assignment .
Bad :(
After English lesson, had Mother Tongue lesson ,
Chatted with Ruiyi and the teacher came 30 minutes late .
Teacher gave me a worksheet but i have done it before .
The teacher is Ruiyi's Geography teacher and told her that she did very well for her paper and got scored the highest .
She 'yay-ed' very loud in the room lah .
Then got two of my classmates came to look for me for Health Check .
Excused from the teacher (:
Then we all looked for the other two who were in the canteen .
Then we all ran back to the library and i got next so i quickly took off my skirt and went to join the queue .
Then checked the eye sight then backbone .
Then done and went to chat with others .
When i t was 10.05am, went for recess .
Joined Sheryl and Wendy as Yuting went for kayaking .
Chatted with them then Yuting came back .
They said i looked pale, ya meh ?
HAH, probably it was because my body needed some water .
Then recess ended and went back to classroom and took stuffs to go Music Room for Drama .
Don't know did what lah and were asked to group for some like project .
Was asked to join a group and i agreed although i was 'afraid' of them .
Then sat according to group .
Played some game like each person needed to say something to continue the story .
After Drama, had Science but teacher was not in so one PE teacher took over and asked us to do research on small laptop in group .
We grouped then on research .
I was watching them, each take turn to search and write down the answers .
After that, Science lesson was ended then Mathematics was next .
Teacher was not in -.-
Another relieve teacher took over and showed the class a message from the Math teacher .
You know what he wrote ?
It was funny, man .
He wrote like this (i can't remember all of them), "Dear 2/6, this is a message from your Math teacher, Mr Siddiq, A.K.A you favorite teacher . I could not be there today . I wish i could be there, but ... I just cant ... I just ... I just cant ... I have given you a worksheet to do and don't give the relieve teacher any problems . Don't miss me . If you miss me, attach a photo here ."
HAHA, then he signed off with his own photo .
Never see any teacher write like that .
LOL, then we all did worksheet .
Joy, Jessica, Pearl and i did together then were done with it by the end of the lesson .
Teacher dismissed us 10 minutes late .
Then went to look for Yuting and others at usual place .
Then we went to the bus stop together .
Then got off at my bus stop and went home .
Was tired and easily got napped when i was in my bed .
Napped from 4 to 7 .
Then took bath, ate dinner .
Not much appetite so threw away the food .
Then went to use computer for awhile then read storybook then sleep .

Okay, today -
As usual, morning flag-raising .
Had HHP, ran and jogged with Joy .
After that, was sweating HOT again !
Did some warm up and Pearl said that my lip was white and looked pale .
Wahh, needed water again !
After warm up, sat down then got off to take our bags at festival court and went back to classroom .
Had Geography and got the paper .
Did badly for it :(
Went through it then learnt new chapter, Agriculture .
Then recess was next, joined Wendy and Sheryl, then Yuting joined us .
Chatted, bought Shark Fin .
Yuting too .
Ate then finished then went back to classmate and had Lifeskill but teacher was not in so another teacher who took over math yesterday, took over .
Watched Romeo & Juliet but i did not really watched it .
Read the book (:
When the lesson ended, people urged to watched somemore but cannot .
So Literature lesson started and teacher said that we will get back the papers next week .
Went through the book, Macbeth, which i don't have .
Pearl and i kept talking, no, lip-reading (:
Then watched Macbeth and The Lord of the Ring trailers .
Finally, the lesson ended and had English next .
English teacher came in for awhile to talk to us then left the classroom, which mean that no English (:
Art teacher took over, and we did worksheet .
During that, Pearl and i kept coming up with jokes and we cracked up a lot and i was like feeling better .
Laughter is the best medicine :D
We really laughed a lot !
Then around 1.25pm, the teacher showed us the videos that was funny at first .
The students said, "Get married, screwed up the children", "Fail 'O' level, retake, fail 'A' level ...", "Get married then found out that the husband is gay", "Grow up, get married, then divorce" and there are many more that i forgot .
Laughed again then blah blah .
Watched 6 videos and there are some funny moments .
Then got dismissed at 1.45pm .
Went straight to bus stop as Wendy and Yuting were going to Vivo City without me .
Not going as i got something to do else at home .
Then reached home earlier ever since i went to library .
Err, i think i should stop now .

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Relinked (:
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Thanks for the tag (:
Yuting: haha , hyper meh ? it is time we went back to primary sch again ;D
Quite lah . Hmmm


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