Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well, school as usual today .
Morning assembly then Mother Tongue .
Miss Jolly gave Ruiyi and i some math questions to do .
Then after few questions, we stopped and rest and talked .
Got other non-HI students came in with one teacher, and we were like puzzle but i got used to it already .
These people came for air-con .
How i know it ?
It is because, we did not switch on the air-con and the teacher, came in with the students , asked one of the girls to switch on .
Yeah, teacher could also be like that .
Talked for like 5 minutes then Sheryl and Wendy came in, then we talked .
Then the period was over and we thanked the teacher .
Talked to Wendy and Sheryl for awhile then went off to classroom .
Then we all went to basketball court for PE .
Ran Jogged 5 rounds .
After that, rested then warm up .
Then played captain ball .
Hurt my finger while catching the ball .
After PE lesson, bought drink then joined Yuting .
Pearl asked me to practice and i had to leave Yuting :(
Then left her and joined my team members and went to behind the hall to practice dance moves .
Practiced till recess ended then went to classroom and had VE S2 .
Talked about garbage at HDB .
Then we got like free period and people were chatting .
Chatted and read .
Then VE period was over and had Dance next .
Supposed to have Graded Assignment today but teachers extended as some of he groups did not practice yet .
Yay my group, so that we can practice somemore .
We all practiced till the Dance lesson was over .
Then had Mathematics lesson next .
Went through the homework and heard that got retest for common test leh .
I thought whole class but i realised they are for those who failed .
Wahh, i find it unfair that they all know the answer then will like score full marks .
Then, also, im afraid that they will replace the original mark for CA .
But, could not be lah .
Hope so .
Hey, im not evil !
Well, teacher dismissed us 10 minutes earlier (:
Went to HI room and waited for them to come out .
They came out and we went for lunch .
After lunch, went to HI room and chatted .
Then got this group of girls came in the room and told us that they booked the room as if the room is like a hotel room -.-
I was like, want to ask them some questions but forget it .
We heck care them and went for CCA .
Went to Art Room and had some bondings .
After that, listened to the same instructor about photography and camera .
He talked for like an hour, i not sure, did not look at either the watch or clock .
Then, got break then listened again .
Then he asked us to take photos of school .
Yuting, Wendy, Sheryl, Xinyi and i grouped together, using 1 camera, and went around the school to take photos .
Yuting and i took photos of the instructor, HAHA :D
We took very little .
We tried to take the person who played badminton, but could not as the photos was blur and i don't know how to put shutter speed -.-
We gave up, then Xinyi went to jump over the wall through the frame .
She could jump and i tried but could not .
I tried again, and this time, i hurt my leg :(
WAHH, today i hurt my finger and leg !
We laughed along :D
Then took some pictures with my phone .
Then, went to take one or two more photos of the school then went back to Art Room .
Returned the camera back and we told the instructor to take all of the photos we had taken, HAH .
Then Ms Chia talked something and dismissed us and i was bit surprised that the time passed quickly .
Went out of the room, and we tried to avoid Huifurn but she saw us .
She followed us -.-
Then got bus came and the traffic is green which we could walk yet .
Xinyi, Huifurn, Sheryl and Charmaine jaywalked .
Wendy, Yuting and i waited for the red then we quickly ran to the bus stop .
The driver was not like angry with the girls who stalled at the door .
We got in, we were panting .
Went to upper deck than sat down .
Chatted then reached my bus stop, got alighted .
Then was gonna go home, met mother and mei on the way as mother was accompanying mei to the bus stop .
Then reached home and was sweating hot !
Took bath, thought about the homework and i could not think of any of them .
I thought no homework, then ate dinner .
And here am i using computer (:
Oh yes, tomorrow got health check, argh !
Okay, till here .
Some photos:-
You, friends, made me go hyper again,
Since primary school (:


Evelyn Lee.

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