Fire case, tsk tsk
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, it's 9 in the morning !
Yesterday, went to swimming like finally :D
Oh yes, i have got alot of things to blog about !
Yesterday and this morning at 12 midnight !
Okay, let's start from yesterday -
Woke up at 11.30am, pig uh ?
Then used comp then 1.30pm, got prepared to go to school for Dance .
Reached there 1.55pm then met Pearl then we all went into Drama room .
We realised that we all came for graded assignment but most of us had done it so we only watched two groups who have not finish yet .
After they had finished, we watched some videos then the time quickly hit 3pm, then we got dismissed .
Left the school with Pearl and got one bus came and i could not run for it and i nearly ran .
Pearl said not to risk my live for one bus .
Yeah, right (:
Then went to the bus stop while Pearl went to that bubble tea shop to meet her father .
Waited long for the bus then it finally came .
Reached home at 3.30pm .
Don't know did what at home, to wait for mother to come home .
She came home and i used comp for awhile and got pissed off .
Switched off the comp and went to get prepare for swimming :D
Mei said she don't want to wear swimming suit but got scolded by mother that she must wear .
Then she and i changed, of course, we wore clothes over the swimming suits .
After we got prepared, left the house and hired taxi to go Bedok Swimming Complex .
Reached there wand waited for my cousin, Ryan, and his mother to come .
We saw them then mei and i ran to them then we all walked to meet my mother there .
Went inside the complex .
We went to the shallow pool for babies .
Ryan went inside and felt cold then did not want to get in anymore .
So he went to change into dry clothes .
Then mei and i went to another pool .
Taught mei to swim but she still don't how to .
Swam till 6pm, then got out of the pool and went to ladies to change .
Took shower without shampoo .
After that, we left the complex and walked to coffee shop at Bedok South .
Ate dinner there and was damn full .
After dinner, went to Ryan's house .
Took bath there with shampoo, of course .
Then watched that 7pm show .
So long time never watch television .
When it ended, it was time to go home .
Then we bid goodbye to Ryan and his mother .
Then we took taxi, went home .
Reached home then don't know did what lah, never use comp .
Then we all slept at 11pm .
Then what ?
Was woken up at 12.45am by my mother .
I was like blur blur and don't know what was going on .
Went outside of the house and saw got alot of people already woke up and at outside the flat .
I mean downstair .
My mother, three cousins, mei and i all went downstair by going down the flights of staircase as so many people took lifts .
Reached first level and saw that 7th floor on the another side of my block was on FIRE .
It was my first time seeing like that .
Very big !
Fire engines and ambulances were all there .
Watched it then walked around .
Lots of people were woken up and the police said that it was better to wake up cause of the smoke .
My father was sleeping, ya .
Then don't know for how long, the fire was finally put out .
We were downstair for like 30 minutes .
Then went home, by going up the staircase cause again, firemen used the lifts .
Then went back to sleep at 1,30am, i think .
This morning, woke up at 8.45am, early duh .
Cause before i went to sleep, i was thinking of my past memories .
That big fire reminded me of the fire i played with and nearly burned down the old house when i was younger :( :(
Then cannot sleep already and when i woke up, i thought that night/midnight was dream but it was real .
Too bad, did not take pictures .
Hmm, ate breakfast .
Then here i using computer in the morning .
Played Maple Story few minutes ago and now, it is on patch till 11am !
Well, later, in the afternoon, going for CCA .
Plan to go that 7th storey to take some pictures of that house which is now in chaos .
Maybe, im gonna post them in my next post .
Okay, blogged till here .


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