Friday, February 19, 2010

Today, went to school later than i went usually .
Luckily, not so late duh .
Quickly changed into PE shirt as got HHP .
Morning assembly then HHP .
Did not jog with Wendy, Yuting and Sheryl as couldn't find them .
After HHP, had Geography .
Chapter two was what we learnt , Settlement .
Had homework for today .
After GG, had recess and went to HI room to join Yuting as she had to do homework .
After recess, had Lifeskill .
Bored then read storybook .
Did not hear what teacher said, laughs .
After LS, had Literature .
Went through something common errors in our tests .
Had the test paper back by the end of the lesson .
Sadly, failed by 1 mark .
English was next and my group talked and don't know did what, LOL .
Then wanna dismiss but we stayed back for awhile to arrange our tables .
Then 1.50pm, dismissed then saw that Yuting and Wendy had gone off without waiting for me .
Then went to bus stop and they were not there .
Boarded the bus then reached Bedok Inter and Wendy smsed that she was in Mac with Yuting .
So went there to look for them .
Found them then just realised they just came before me .
Yuting ate while Wendy drank .
Me did nothing, just talked to them .
After they had finished, went to library .
Returned books then went inside to look for books .
Could not find any books i want so, in the end, borrowed childish books .
Yuting finally found 'Betrayed' book and was damn happy .
Wahh, nvm .
Then about 3plus, left library then went separate ways .
Took bus, reached home then blah blah .
Used comp and here am i blogging .
Shall end here .
Hang on ! One more thing !
From tomorrow onward, wont be blogging as having Common Tests next week :( Will be blogging again on next either Thursday or Friday (:


Evelyn Lee.

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