Goody time
Friday, February 26, 2010

Just back from bath .
Today, in school, had mass in the morning and it was boring !
After Mass, went back to classroom and did noting then went for recess .
Had ice-cream as everyone in class had it .
Ate with Sheryl and Wendy .
Yuting and others in 2/1 had gone to ITE excursion .
After recess, had Lifeskill .
Talked about future like going to JC .
After Lifeskill, had Literature .
Was damn sleepy then I wrote something in my new student's book, will show you later on . Then teacher asked to team up for project .
Teamed up with Jean, Joy and Jessica include one more classmate .
All of them are also in my dance's group, LOL :D
Then after Literature, had English .
The time passed quickly during English (: !
Then got dismissed bit earlier .
Went to usual place to wait for Sheryl and Wendy then they finally came and went to bus stop to take bus .
Reached Bedok inter to find Yuting then found her .
Wendy and i went to Bedok library to return books then went back to inter .
Four of us went to MRT station to take train to Bugis .
Reacher there, then went to Bugis Junction .
Wendy bought drink .
Yuting and i walked around, don't know what she was doing .
Went to DVD shop and see DVDs .
Then went to look for Sheryl and Wendy .
Found them then went to Bugis Library .
Walked there then went in .
Went to look for books and i cannot find three books :( !
Gossip Girl: a novel, Betrayed and Summer Confidential/Summer Camp Secret: Hide and Shriek (No. 14)
After i had found books, went to sit with them in Children's room .
Yuting suggested taking photos then we took .
The photos were like, blur and blah blah .
When we wanted to go home, we left the library .
Then Yuting went another way to look for her mother .
Sheryl, Wendy and i went o Bugis Junction then Sheryl went off to her mother's work place .
Then left Wendy and i .
Went to MRT station then boarded .
Chatted till reached Paya Lebar then Wendy alighted .
Left me alone in MRT train .
Reached Bedok then alighted .
Wanted to go Bedok library but in the end, never as i was tired .
Took bus then went home at 5pm .
Bathe then used comp to do homework and here am i blogging (:
Here are the photos (: -
Peekchas in Bugis library !

My words in my student's handbook !


Evelyn Lee.

I just want to blog as how I have been blogging in the past. I just want to write about happiness. I just want to write about my love for photography.
PhotoComp is my past, present & future!


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